I tried illuminating a dark server room with a headlight `` WOWTAC A2S '' that supports server maintenance during a power outage

Such is the server to operate on their own without the use of a cloud server enterprise

on-premise is called the server, but it is one of the most troubling problems when operating the on-premises server 'power failure'. GIGAZINE also operates on-premises servers, so we maintain generators as a measure against power failures that occur frequently during the typhoon season, preventing server downtime. However, since the power supply for the server room lighting cannot be restored, we purchased a headlight ' WOWTAC A2S ' to make it easier to respond to a power failure.

WOWTAC A2S Headlamp-WOWTAC Official Store

The headlights are used in the server room, so they don't need the brightness needed to use them outdoors and at night. Also, since it is not known when and how long a power outage will occur, it is desirable to have as long a battery life as possible. In addition, it is better if the price is lower, so you can look for headlights.

Use the site below to search for headlights. If you specify the conditions, it will recommend headlights that suit you.

Parametrek Flashlights

First, specify the battery type. This time, we specified a model that uses a single lithium-ion battery that can be reused when charged.

Next, specify the width of the

lumen , which is the unit of brightness. Since high light is not required, set it to '40 lumens-200 lumens'.

Now specify the duration. I want you to have it for two days, so make '48 hours' the lowest line.

Finally, specify the price terms. This time, we plan to purchase five headlights, which we want to keep to a total of about 20,000 yen. Therefore, if you specify the price from '$ 5 (about 550 yen) to $ 35 (about 3900 yen)' ...

A lot of candidates came out. With a headband attached, 'WOWTAC A2S' looks good considering the price and battery life.

So I purchased 'WOWTAC A2S'.

Inside the box were the WOWTAC A2S body, instruction manual, Micro-USB cable for charging, and a rubber ring for replacing the battery cap.

WOWTAC A2S was already equipped with a headband. It was possible to remove the headband by force, but gave up considering the possibility of not returning.

Comparing WOWTAC A2S with a transportation IC card looks like this. WOWTAC A2S is a little bigger.

There is one LED.

There is a button on the tip, you can switch on and off the power and brightness.

The modes are Low (24 lumens), Medium (126 lumens), High (420 lumens), Turbo (1050 lumens), and Firefly (0.3 lumens). )].

When you remove the cap at the other end ...

You can remove the battery. The

18650 type lithium-ion battery is used.

It is designed to be charged directly from the Micro-USB terminal, and can be charged using the included cable. There is no function to notify you of the full charge, but when the battery level is low, the light will blink twice when the main unit is turned on.

The band is made of stretchable material and its length can be adjusted with two axes.

When you actually wear WOWTAC A2S on your head, it looks like this.

I decided to use the headlights in a dark server room. The darkest 0.3 lumen could hardly illuminate the hand.

Next time I tried 24 lumens, it was bright enough to illuminate my hand.

Try the brightest 1050 lumens and it's too bright and a bit dazzling. Considering the possibility of light coming into the eyes of others when working with multiple people and the duration of the battery, it seems to be better to use 24 lumens in the situation of server maintenance in case of power failure.

With the purchase of headlights, we can now work with both hands even during a power outage. It is likely to be a reassuring item during a power outage.

This time, I purchased it at

Amazon.com for $ 29 (about 3200 yen), but Amazon.co.jp sells it at 9045 yen including tax.

Wowtac® A2S LED headlight Spotlight [Brightness 1050 lumens / Practical lighting 59 days] 6 lighting modes Waterproof IPX7 Applicable to outdoor activities such as camping / cycling / hiking 1 18650 battery (including) (A2S headlight Cool White ) | WOWTAC | Headlight

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