The poison of `` the only monkey with poison '' turned out to be almost the same as the causative substance of cat allergy

by Lionel Mauritson

Cat allergy is a symptom in which the eyes become itchy or runny nose stops when touching or approaching a cat.It is said that a specific protein contained in cat dandruff or saliva is a cause substance (

allergen ). You. It turned out that such cat allergy allergens were also included in the slow loris venom known as 'the only monkey with poison.'

Toxins | Free Full-Text | The Toxicological Intersection between Allergen and Toxin: A Structural Comparison of the Cat Dander Allergenic Protein Fel d1 and the Slow Loris Brachial Gland Secretion Protein

Primate venom sheds light on why so many people suffer cat allergies

Slow loris, a member of the primate loris family, are distributed from Central Asia to Southeast Asia and are the only primates known to release poisons. It is said that the poison released from the inside of the elbow by slow loris is effective in preventing parasites by mixing it with saliva and applying it to the whole body, but the specific components and properties of the poison have not been elucidated.


Mark Dumont

It seems that humans bitten by slow loris may show symptoms similar to cat allergy, and associate professor Brian Fry of the University of Queensland studying slow loris has long claimed that there is a relationship between slow loris poison and cat allergy was doing.

Therefore, a research team led by Associate Professor Fly analyzed the DNA sequence related to the protein contained in the slow loris venom, and found that it was almost identical to the DNA sequence expressing the protein `` Fel d 1 '' contained in cat dandruff Turned out. This proved that the protein contained in slow loris venom and Fel d 1 had almost the same molecular structure, confirming the assertion of Associate Professor Fry.

In some people, this Fel d 1 becomes an allergen and causes cat allergy. In other words, the allergic reaction expressed by slow loris is almost the same as cat allergy. Associate Professor Fly thinks that `` slow loris poisons his body to protect himself '' and speculates that cats will also release dandruff including Fel d 1 as a similar defense system to slow loris. I am.

Although slow loris and cats are on different evolutionary lines, assuming that both naturally acquired expression of Fel d 1 during evolution, `` humans happen to be allergic to cat dander and slow loris venom. Rather than react, he argues that 'cats and slow loris have evolved to wear defensive weapons that attack the human immune system.'

by Marko Blažević

`` Cats and slow loris may have evolved toxic defensive weapons to keep predators as far away as possible, '' said Associate Professor Fly, and the results of this study further study allergies to other organisms. Said to be interesting.

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