Headline news on February 5, 2020

McDonald's as 'Mac Fleury,' 'Kit Kat' was a collaboration 'Mac Fleury Kit Kat' is a limited time sale from February 12, 2020 (water). McFleury has been collaborating with various things, but it is said that collaboration with KitKat is the first time in seven years.

A popular collaboration with the No. 1 chocolate brand in Japan has returned for the first time in seven years! 'McFlurry KitKat' Available for Sale for a Limited Time from Wednesday, February 12! | McDonald's Japan

By the way, this article was published on the same day in the past in the past.

It turns out that rare sugars collected from microorganisms that live for 3 billion years ago act as natural herbicides-gigazine

I tried using `` Logoshi '' which makes a suitably drawn picture a stylish logo-gigazine

I actually tried using `` e-Tax '' which can now file a final tax return without prior notification-gigazine

A huge plant is built for `` CO2 fixation project '' where Bill Gates also turns his attention and budget-gigazine

Why is the discovery of extraterrestrials not always pleasing to mankind? -GIGAZINE

What is Apple's Founder Steve Wozniak's Happiness Formula “H = SF”? -GIGAZINE

`` Red '' which gripped the heart of Europeans during the Renaissance was made by grinding small insects-gigazine

ProtonMail releases Tor version to protect users from mail censorship by the government-gigazine

What is 'Kurion', a company that has been active in Fukushima and makes profits in the treatment of radioactive waste? -GIGAZINE

It turns out that if you follow 3.5 people, you can connect with anyone, `` sixth order gap '' is shrinking to `` 3.5 next order ''-gigazine

Nine points for mastering `` kerning '' that dramatically improves the appearance of letters like a designer even for beginners-gigazine

◆ Materials (memos / others)

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)
Dramatic rebirth of the dying island, a huge success | National Geographic Japan Site

“IPS cell” transplantation in 3 patients with Parkinson's disease progressing smoothly | NHK News

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
[Uncut] Prime Minister Abe 'liar' to opposition members

[Uncut] 'Sakura' tour Riken constitution Tsujimoto VS Prime Minister Abe criticized as 'Abe method is outlaw'

'Is it illegal if the Abe method is legal?' : Asahi Shimbun Digital

`` You do not have to get married '' Yaji `` Nothing specified '' Opposition party also accepted The ruling party `` Let's avoid each other ''-Mainichi Newspaper

`` There was a report of molesting '' JR East presses a molesting prevention application button and broadcasts in the car-Mainichi Newspaper

'The prime minister's answer is sophistry and contradiction.' Dinner contract dispute? Experts point out: Asahi Shimbun Digital

DeNA falls 50 billion yen in deficit Chairman and President return executive remuneration | NHK News

Maritime Self-Defense Forces Executive Operates Women's Sex Stores May Violate Self-Defense Forces Law | Bunshun Online

Kagawa prefecture `` game regulation '' bylaw, concerns about conservative family view `` imposing one-sided opinion on parents '' in the background-lawyer dot com

Elon Musk's Tesla close to Toyota's market capitalization

A landslide in Zushi, an 18-year-old woman dies while passing, filling the sidewalk: Asahi Shimbun Digital

'Information merchandise' 10 million yen blackmail allegations from the seller Arrested group leaders: Asahi Shimbun Digital

EU breaks away from Britain, says “we made a mistake” Goodbye, wrong: current affairs dot com

`` Art festival can not be done if the name of the mayor of Nagoya appears '' Governor of Aichi, the next triennial system proposed announcement-Mainichi Shimbun

'Human infection during the incubation period. Low mortality' Hokkaido University group responds to high-risk people-Mainichi Newspaper

◆ Lifestyle (Life / Life / Health)
Corona-infected person confirmed by Diamond Princess passengers `` finally unable to eat ''-Togetter

Neither Arashiyama nor Kinkakuji due to new type of pneumonia 'No people' Kyoto sightseeing spots are drastically reduced | Culture and life | Local news |

◆ IT Gadget (Net / Software / Hard / Mobile)

'Can Blue Bank's accounting system be built on Firebase?'-Koichi Tanaka's Development Notes

GitHub new feature 'GitHub Actions' to try CI / CD | Sakura's Knowledge

When talking about 'I do not understand how computers (semiconductors, OS, etc.) are working', a story that was unexpectedly answered as 'What? Lol'-Togetter

Linux kernel 5.6, 32-bit version will address year 2038 | Surado Linux

◆ Anime / Game / Manga (Subculture)
PlayStation 5-PlayStation

[Interview] 'Devil's Blade' is a constant effort behind a big break--The first story in charge reveals the birth secret story-Livedoor News

EP.1 King of the Braves GAOGAIGAR [Sunrise Official]

TV animation 'fictional reasoning' first to third episodes Looking back PV

[Limited Time] Karin Nanase 'Flame Thrower and Me' PV (TV anime 'Fictional Reasoning' episode 4 song)

An elementary school student was swinging a stick while saying 'breathing water, second type!' ... People who miss the special technique used as a child 'Uncles can use fangs'-Togetter

New software for SFC 'Nekotako' has been completed-Porn Animation

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movie (Entertainment)
Sumo wrestlers continue SNS indefinite ban Training at Sumo Association Director Shibata 'Mr. terrible with one finger' / Sports / Daily Sports online

Mr. Miyasako, as early as Ega heads the number of views: Nanjyu Stadium-What J Summary

94: If the wind blows, there is no name 2020/02/05 (Wed) 14: 04: 06.78 ID: X9TExCgl0
Lost the two pillars

138: If the wind blows, there is no name 2020/02/05 (Wed) 14: 06: 09.84 ID: KPTNUidTd
>> 94
I told you that when you're done, you're so cool, you're done at the same time, so I'm no longer an entertainer on TV

◆ New products (clothing, food, residence)
'Lipton Sakura Tea Latte' New release for a limited time from Tuesday, February 18 | News Release | Morinaga Milk Products Co., Ltd.

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