Four psychological points to help you achieve your goals


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Everybody tries hard to achieve their goals, but it is difficult for anyone to achieve them. Then, Quick and Dirty Tips that provide intellectual and useful information summarizes four points to consider from the goal setting in the first place how to achieve the goal.

4 Psychology Hacks to Help You Stick to Your Goals | Savvy Psychologist

◆ 1 : Aim for “what you want to learn” instead of “what you need to achieve”
The objectives of 'losing weight by 5 kg', 'increase the number of' Yu '', and 'promoting to section manager' can be very specific, but from research so far, the effective is ultimately I know that it is not a goal setting method that determines a destination, but a goal setting method of “how to get to that purpose”.

For example, if you want to lose weight, instead of 'reducing 5 kg,' you can learn 'healthy five recipes' rather than 'learn 5 recipes.' Such a setting lasts for a long time, feeling that it is 'achievable' by yourself.

◆ 2: Check if goals are linked to life values
Some goals may be set as 'because a friend is doing' or 'because a teacher / boss / doctor told you,' but whether you can achieve it depends on your life. Is greatly influenced by the values of

If you compare your life to a boat in the middle of the sea, 'goals' are the islands on the horizon you want to reach, and 'values' are those that point in the right direction, such as Polaris. And not everyone shares the 'North Star', so it's important to know what big picture matters to you.

If your goals are deeply tied to your values, you are more likely to achieve them than what you should be doing on your to-do list.

by Lauren Sauder

◆ 3: Target 'challenge' instead of 'threat'
Setting goals based on threats, such as 'lower blood pressure because of the risk of heart attack,' or 'you need to study more because you lose units,' can be difficult to achieve.

Instead, setting goals that are challenging, such as 'lower blood pressure to be healthier' or 'review your learning habits and become 'I want to be'' is easier to achieve. .

◆ 4: 'Contract' with someone to achieve the goal
Humans are very social creatures, so pressure can help keep them motivated and responsible. For example, publishing your 2020 goals on Twitter is an ant pressure on you.

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