`` Penisman '' appearing on the street corner is arrested by serious police

A mysterious incident in Arizona, USA, where the name ' PENIS MAN ' was graffitied everywhere, became a hot topic on some parts of the Internet. In response to the incident, a special force of Tempe City Police, who declared war that they would 'catch a sneaky penisman', was reportedly arrested on January 25, 2020. The arrested man has testified that 'I am not the original.'

Tempe Police Will Try to Catch 'Penis Man' Graffiti Artist | Phoenix New Times

Tempe Police Arrest Man Suspected of 'Penis Man' Graffiti Taggings | Phoenix New Times

Penisman graffiti has been spotted around Tempe since November 2019. The signature “PENIS MAN”, which was written and beaten with color spray, had a strong impact, and the “signature” of the penis man found everywhere was shared on Twitter and Instagram and became a topic.

Signs in Tempe City, Penisman signs scribbled on discarded tires and television.

Penisman on the roof

The letters 'PENIS MAN' are written one character at a time for each toilet.

'Someone in the city of Tempe has been graffitiing around with' Penisman 'since November 2019. Today, Starbucks, who headed for a coffee, was also' penisized '. A renovated new building across the street was also damaged, and the penisman is becoming a favorite. '

Some people take graffiti and a commemorative photo of the penisman written on the wall.

'It's not Banksy, it's a penisman.'

Detective Nathalie Barrera, a police officer in Tempe, declared that the penisman's scope of operation had expanded from the city of Tempe to the neighboring town of Phoenix. 'I don't deny humor, but it's a pity that historic buildings will be damaged,' said Tempe Deputy Mayor Lauren Kuby.

Tempe City Police has arrested Dustin Schommer, a resident of Phoenix, for 24 charges of penisman, including graffiti and trespassing. According to local media Phoenix New Times, fingerprints of Schoomer have been detected from the scene, and surveillance camera footage of Schoomer's graffiti has been found.

Schaumer was found guilty of illegal cannabis possession in 2008, but has no other previous history. According to court records, Schoomer was released after being arrested and interrogated, with a GPS tag attached to his ankle to prevent escape. Police estimate that the damage caused by Schoomer's crime is about $ 8,000 (about 880,000 yen).

`` Twenty-five SWAT members dressed in heavy equipment stormed my apartment and car in western Phoenix and slammed an assault rifle on my face, '' said Schomer, referring to the situation at the time of the arrest. I am. In addition, although Shoma suspect has admitted that was the graffiti, 'I am not in the original Penisuman. My handiwork in also exist hundreds example Penisuman is not' a claim to, Penisuman is in addition to their own Said.

`` I was arrested and lost my job. I need money to protect myself from the Tempe City Police. I was hit by an assault rifle when I was arrested and I became PTSD . '' And raising money to hire a lawyer on a crowdfunding site . The target amount is 10,000 dollars (about 1.1 million yen), and about 3000 dollars (about 330,000 yen) has been collected at the time of article creation.

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