How does the world's largest luxury cruise ship make 30,000 dishes every day?

The Symphony of the Seeds , launched in March 2018, is the world's largest passenger ship with a gross tonnage of 228,000 tons, a passenger capacity of 5,518 and a crew of 2,200. Inside, there are facilities such as a green park with a stairwell and an aqua park where you can watch dive shows, as well as nearly 20 restaurants and cafes. A movie explaining 'How do you provide that much?' Is available on YouTube for a dish called '30,000 meals per day' served at meal facilities on board.

How The World's Largest Cruise Ship Makes 30,000 Meals Every Day-YouTube

More than 6,600 passengers board the Symphony of the Seas each week.

Both passengers and crew eat every day, but some passengers are not satisfied with only three meals, and sometimes have eight meals. That's why the Symphony of the Seeds offers meals around the clock.

More than 30,000 dishes can be made every day by making full use of the limited cooking space on board.

At Symphony of the Seas, all dishes are made from raw materials on board. The on-board ingredients manager orders $ 1 million in ingredients for each week for 23 restaurants. One of the important tasks of the food manager is to adjust the ingredients to be ordered according to the passenger, such as ordering more fries from chickens when there are many children.

Once a week on Saturday, the Symphony of the Seas calls at the Port of Miami in the United States to load ingredients. The weight of the food brought in reaches 600,000 pounds (about 270 tons), which is equivalent to about 500

pallets .

There are 20 food storages on the ship, including a freezing warehouse and a refrigerated warehouse.

Meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits are separated and transported to separate food storage. Spices such as herbs, foods stored at room temperature, such as chocolate and coffee, are further stored in the lower dock.

The amount of ice cream brought in on the port of call is 700 pounds (about 320 kg). This amount can be consumed in just one week.

Food quality control is also one of the tasks of the food manager. If fruits ripen earlier than expected, change the menu and request that they be consumed earlier.

Ingredients managed in this way ...

The chefs at each restaurant bring the ingredients from the food storage to their kitchen.

The largest team onboard the ship has 280 cooks, all under the control of the Symphony of the Seas head chef.

Each chef works 10 to 12 hours a day. Employment contracts usually last several months, with no holidays during the period.

Over 100 menus are offered each week on board, which are being developed at the headquarters of

Royal Caribbean , a cruise liner that owns the Symphony of the Seas.

A wide variety of menus are available for people from all over the world to board the Symphony of the Seas.

Not only are there 36 galleys on board, but each of the 12 restaurants has its own galley. At each of these restaurants, a dedicated chef keeps the 'taste of the restaurant'.

The largest restaurant on board is the main dining room on the stern side. This restaurant has three floors of decks, each deck decorated with a different atmosphere. Additional meals are included in the price of the ticket, so no matter how much you order, you will not be charged. Therefore, it is a popular restaurant that offers 6000 meals each night.

There is a cooking room dedicated to demolition of foodstuffs that supports such a main dining room on the second deck one level below. The beef processed here per week is 15,000 pounds.

Chicken can be up to 9700 pounds.

One of the most popular ingredients, the lobster tail is processed as much as 2,100 pounds a week.

Processed ingredients are brought into the cooking room adjacent to the main dining room and cooked in dedicated cooking rooms for each genre, dessert, bread, cold dishes, hot dishes, more than 100 desserts and more than 40 breads Is provided. All dishes are made from flour and other ingredients and do not have to 'reheat and serve frozen finished products' as in a

central kitchen .

One of the most important tasks of the chef in coordinating the chef's team is the final check of the menu offered on the day. Taste each of the completed menus and give separate instructions, such as 'make more use of garlic and herbs.'

As customers order food, each order is displayed on the screen. A mechanism in which the chef cooks according to this display. This system also automatically records the 'remaining food quantity', so you can know in advance if food is about to run out.

Cooked to order dishes are served hot.

A total of 1085 people are working in cooking-related tasks, such as chefs, food managers, waiters, and dishwashers.

The dishes served reach 11 million meals a year.

All of this is done out of sight of the passengers, so passengers can truly enjoy delicious food that they overeat.

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