With 71% cacao, they have enjoyed four new cafe de clie menus, such as 'drinking high cacao chocolate' and 'hot chocolate-high cacao 71% ~'

New menus, such as ' Hot chocolate-High cacao 71%- ', which combines Hokkaido milk and cocoa based on high cacao chocolate of 71% cacao, and ' Hot ruby chocolate milk ', which uses a new flavor of

ruby chocolate that has appeared for the first time in 80 years. Four types are available at Café de Crié from Wednesday, January 22, 2020. In order to enjoy all four kinds of new menus using plenty of chocolate, I took a break at Café de Clie while warming in the cold winter.

Café de Clie new menu suite released on January 22, bitter, fragrant ... 2 kinds of chocolate drinks and rich chocolate tart appeared! Popular Hojicha chiffon cake! !
(PDF file) https://www.pokkacreate.co.jp/press/2001/200117_02.pdf

New menu | CAFÉ de CRIÉ

Arrived at Café de Crie.

I ordered 4 new menus.

Hot chocolate-high cacao 71%-(429 yen including tax) and hot ruby chocolate milk (429 yen including tax) are like this. Hot chocolate-71% high cacao-has cocoa powder on top of whipped cream, and hot ruby chocolate milk is topped with whipped and raspberry crunch.

Hot chocolate-71% of high cacao-is a light beige color like a latte rather than a chocolate drink. On the other hand, hot ruby chocolate milk has a light pink color.

First, let's drink hot chocolate-71% of high cacao. I was expecting considerable sweetness because it was a 'chocolate drink', but it is said that it uses 71% chocolate of cacao using the commercial cacao ' THE Cacao PROFESSIONALS ' of Meiji, Pretty modest. It has a smooth mouthfeel due to whipping, but it has a bitter bitterness for a refreshing drink, combined with the scent of cocoa powder, giving the impression of 'hot cacao' rather than hot chocolate.

Hot ruby chocolate milk, where the whipped cream has completely melted away from your eyes, has a firm berry-like flavor that is characteristic of ruby chocolate, with a soft, subtle sweetness and a slight acidity. The raspberry crunch's sweet and sour taste and crisp texture were good accents.

Chocolate tart with a distinctive layer of glossy chocolate coaching (429 yen including tax)

It looks like this when comparing the size with a transportation IC card.

The tart cloth that cocoa powder was added is brown. Nuts were topped along the edges of the tart.

Looking at the cross section from the side, you can clearly see that three layers of chocolate and cocoa dough are layered on the tart dough.

When you try it, you can feel the smell and richness of the chocolate, but the cocoa dough makes it lighter. Although it seemed to resemble the rich taste of chocolate from the appearance, the sweetness and aroma of chocolate were not strong. The tart dough had a crisp texture rather than a crispy, and was more like a brownie than a tart.

Hojicha chiffon cake (418 yen including tax) that does not use chocolate among the four new menus stands on the plate. The brown chiffon cake is covered with white cream.

The height is clearly understood when compared to a transportation IC card with a long side of 85.6 mm.

The whipped cream on the top was browned.

The roasted tea chiffon cake is covered with whipped cream, so at first glance it seemed heavy, but when you actually ate it, the taste was quite light. The fragrance of the Hojicha powder kneaded into the fluffy chiffon cake was also felt firmly, and the smooth fresh cream was refreshing, making it a perfect eclectic cake for tea.

Hot chocolate-71% high cacao-, hot ruby chocolate milk, chocolate tart, and roasted tea chiffon cake are available at Cafe de Crie and Cafe de Crie Plus nationwide from January 22, 2020 I am.

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