`` Route box (gacha) makes young people gambling addicted, '' UK National Health Service executive warns



Claire Murdoch , director of the mental health department of the UK's National Health Service , warns that `` there is a concern that children may become addicted to gambling '' `` should limit the sale of root box (gacha) '' doing.

NHS England »Country's top mental health nurse warns video games pushing young people into 'under the radar' gambling

England's Top Mental Health Nurse Says Games Push Kids Into Gambling Habits-IGN

The 'root box' means that you can randomly obtain weapons, characters, costumes, etc. that can be used in the game for a fee. Since the items available from the root box are determined randomly, the biggest feature is that you can't get what you want. If you want to get items that are only available in the root box, you will need to open multiple root boxes, which in some cases requires a lot of money.

In December 2019, the Royal Society of Public Health conducted a survey of young people aged 11 to 24 in the UK, and found that 55% of young people believe that playing video games can lead to gambling It is clear that 79% consider root boxes to be addictive.

RSPH | Skins in the Game

Under such circumstances, on January 18, 2020, Mr. Murdoch warned that `` I am concerned about causing children to become addicted '' and told the video game industry `` Prohibition of sales of root boxes that lead children to gambling 'Adequate and realistic charge limit description' 'Specification of the probability of obtaining various items in the root box' 'Education for parents that there is a possibility that large cash payments may be made in the game' And other specific initiatives. ' Murdoch also said, 'Recognizing that you are responsible for protecting players from potential harm,' 'Spend a certain amount on independent research investigating the long-term effects of the game,' Be aware that the 'age restrictions' for platforms and games don't make sense. '

In the United Kingdom as of January 2020, the root box is not defined as 'gambling', and gambling regulations have not been applied to the root box. Not the UK only, root box is referred to as 'children without parental consent spend a lot of money'

case are numerous reports have been, have regulations in each country is cried. US Senator Josh Holy has filed a bill banning in-game billing services, including the root box. Belgium has pioneered root boxes before any other country.

The game's `` root box (gacha) '' is illegal in Belgium-gigazine

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