Total Tsukkomi from the net to the design of the `` new military uniform '' announced by the U.S. Space Force

The U.S. Army, Air Force, and Navy formally launch the U.S. Space Force in December 2019, with integrated space-related units and projects. And, a uniform for the U.S. Space Force was announced on January 18, 2020. However, such U.S. space military uniforms are causing controversy mainly on the Internet.

Space Force uniform revealed on Twitter-CNNPolitics

The U.S. Space Force's new military uniform was announced by the U.S. Space Force Twitter official account.

At first glance, it was an ordinary military uniform, but when the U.S. Space Force released an image on Twitter, criticism concentrated on its 'pattern'. Because the camouflage design is designed with camouflage to hide in forest areas and deceive the enemy's eyes, the question is, ' Why did you adopt camouflage even though there is no forest in the universe? ' It was presented.

'(Laughs) It's perfect for hiding in the jungle of space,' said Taika Waititi , director of ' Mighty Saw Battle Royale ' and ' JoJo Rabbit .'

'Should a Space Force camouflage be treated with small stars in black?'

'Someone like a camouflage pattern from the space army would look like this,' said some users who presented a hoodie image with a cosmic pattern.

Also, a Star Wars fan who recalled the rebels appearing in ' Episode 6 / Return of the Jedi ' has tweeted comments related to the Star Wars series.

The science fiction writer Chuck Wendig, who was in charge of the official novel of Star Wars, said, 'Is the U.S. Space Force fighting in the forest moon endor ?' I entangled it and got it.

Film director Bryan Young, also known as an avid fan of the Star Wars series, tweeted along with a photo of Han Solo wearing a rebel camouflage jacket, `` I like new space force uniforms '' .

Camouflage uniforms of the '' new universe Army There are pretending to know that the only useful 'in Endor. Sorry, this military uniform is more convenient. Naboo and Dagobah , Kashyyyk , Takodana , Sukarifu also function without problems, such as arid regions of I will. '

In response to a tweet that criticized 'camouflage in space? Wasteful of taxes', the U.S. Space Force said, 'The U.S. Space Force has diverted existing military and air force uniforms, and designed and manufactured new military uniforms. , And this is because it looks like it ’s collaborating on the ground. ”

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