It turns out that `` green treasure etc. '' is included in the `` list of counter-terrorism organizations '' along with neo-Nazis


Markus Spiske

The `` List of organizations for counter-terrorism '' created by the British police counter-terrorism organization (anti-terrorism policing) has revealed that environmental protection groups such as Greenpeace and animal protection group PETA are included. Was.

Greenpeace included with neo-Nazis on UK counter-terror list | UK news | The Guardian

The list was created in June 2019 as one of the initiatives of the anti-radical scheme and distributed to police officials, medical professionals, educators and others throughout the UK, and about various organizations and groups, why It contains information such as whether it is considered a threat.

While organizations that are considered to be at high risk, such as the Neo Nazi organization ``

Combat 18 '', the far right party `` British National Front '', the Islamic radical organization `` Al Muhajirun '' are listed, according to the daily newspaper The Guardian He said that Greenpeace, an environmental protection organization, and PETA, an animal welfare organization, are also here.

The list says that not all organizations listed are subject to counter-terrorism, but the listed organizations have expressed anger and said, 'Why, Did you include organizations that are not covered by the counter-terrorism list? '

Allegations to the contents of the list are not the first, and The Guardian reports that on January 10, 2020, the environmental protection group `` Rebellion to Extinction (Extinction Rebellion) '' is included

Terrorism police list Extinction Rebellion as extremist ideology | UK news | The Guardian

Police responded to The Guardian's inquiry that the list contained 'Rebellion against Extinction', which was incorrect and did not consider the ideology of 'environmental protection' itself an extremist. He commented that the list would be collected.

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