Is brainstorming useful for creators?



One way to create better ideas is brainstorming, where ideas are brought together in groups.However, for creators whose ideas are alive, file transfer services in the Netherlands are used to determine whether brainstorming is useful. The provider, WeTransfer, is investigating.

WeTransfer Ideas Report 2019

Brainstorming meetings? Creative types are not into them — Quartz at Work

According to a survey conducted by WeTransfer in 2019 targeting 20,000 creators from 197 countries, including writers, musicians, photographers and filmmakers, many creators say, `` Brainstorming solves creative challenges. It doesn't help me to do that. '

'In the creative world, we often hear about collaboration. Collaborative work is crucial to realizing the idea, but collaborative work like brainstorming isn't very good at shaping the idea itself,' said WeTransfer. Former editor-in-chief Rob Alderson said:

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According to a WeTransfer survey, about 80% of creators relied on 'intuition' and 'independent research' when evaluating ideas, with only 18% relying on the advice of colleagues and friends.

In addition, more than 40% of the creators who participated in the survey say they work for a company, and work that is not related to creative activities such as meetings and administrative tasks is an obstacle to creating good ideas.

Research has also found interesting geographic features. For example, when it comes to ideas, the most distracting is that French are more likely to mention social life than work, spouse, and social media, while Chinese are more likely to mention spouse. It became clear that there was a strong tendency to list.

Research has revealed that brainstorming is not helping creators to generate ideas, but according to a study by Northern Illinois University on brainstorming on idea generation and team cohesion , brainstorming is It has proved to be more effective in team building than in idea generation.

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