A website `` The Apple Archive '' that summarizes all the images of Steve Jobs of the day and Apple's successive CM etc.

'The Apple Archive' is an unofficial site that summarizes movies such as Apple's successive TV commercials and presentations. You can look back on Apple's history in movies, such as the

Apple II TV commercial released in 1977 and the keynote speech of Macworld Conference & Expo where Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone .

The (Unofficial) Apple Archive

Accessing The Apple Archive is like this. Buttons indicating each age such as '1970s / 80s' and '1990s' are lined up. This time, click '2000s'.

Buttons for each year from 2000 to 2009 are displayed. Choosing 2007, let's look back at Apple when the first iPhone was released.

Each page includes Apple-sponsored events such as the

Macworld , Apple Special Event , and Worldwide Developers Conference that year.

There are commercials for Apple products that year. At the time of 2007, Apple also seemed to be focusing on promoting the first iPhone, with TV commercials on the first iPhone lined up with the slurry. Let's take a look at 'Watered Down'.

You can watch the TV commercial 'Watered Down' on the first iPhone from the link below.

iPhone — TV Ad — Watered Down — The Apple Archive

Click the movie embedded in the center of the page to start the movie.

The iPhone can be unlocked by tracing the touch screen with your finger.

Using the app version of the web browser

Safari ...

You can even see news sites. According to the narrator, 'This is not a degraded version of the Internet.'

When the main body is tilted sideways, the screen automatically rotates and turns sideways.

Just swipe the screen with your finger to scroll through the pages.

The page can be expanded with one touch.

'It's just the Internet, not something else like the Internet.'

'And it's a phone.'


'Released on June 29, 2007'

The oldest movie stored in the Apple Archive is a 1977 Apple II TV commercial.

Introducing Apple II-Ad-The Apple Archive


The movie starts with a narration, 'Introducing the Apple II,' with an electronic voice like a synthetic sound. 'Apple II is an easy-to-use home computer.'

Various psychedelic patterns are displayed on the screen along with background music such as

beeps .

'For the Apple II, check your passbook ...'

'You can also play arithmetic games and

Pong .'

'Apple II can be purchased at High Technology PC retail stores.'

Below is a 1980 interview with young Jobs talking about Apple and Ireland.

Steve Jobs' interview about Apple and Ireland-The Apple Archive


Jobs is famous for his fashion of jeans, sneakers, and black turtlenecks, and black turtlenecks in particular were later regarded as ' charismatic symbols .' When he was 25, he was wearing a suit and tie, and his hair was fluffy.

Besides, are primary Macintosh which appeared in 1984 Macintosh 128K of TV commercials and, Apple is slogan 'that was launched in 1997 Think different is Mr. Jobs a' moment to announce , bearing the name of Mr. Jobs's daughter ' Look back at Apple's history, including videos from the Lisa TV commercial , the first iPod TV commercial, and the keynote speech at the 2007 Macworld Conference & Expo , where Jobs unveiled the iPhone for the world.

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