Microsoft announces a promise to `` collect carbon dioxide emitted since its foundation from the earth ''



Microsoft has announced a commitment to 'reduce carbon dioxide emissions to substantially minus by 2030 and recover from the earth carbon dioxide equivalent to the amount that has been emitted since its foundation by 2050'.

Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030-The Official Microsoft Blog

Microsoft said on January 16, 2020, `` The world must achieve zero carbon emissions, but those who can afford should take one step further. '' 'Reduce carbon.' Achieved a `` carbon negative '' in which the absorption of carbon dioxide exceeds the emission of carbon dioxide by 2030 (making it substantially negative), and the carbon dioxide that has been emitted directly or by power consumption since 1975 when Microsoft was founded by 2050 And pledged to remove the same amount from the earth.

Microsoft has also announced specific initiatives. Since 2012, Microsoft has established a unique system called `` Internal Carbon Fee '' that collects costs from each business unit according to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted internally, thereby incentives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions Has been secured. The “internal carbon rate,” which can be called a tax on carbon dioxide emissions in the company,

was raised about twice in 2019 . In this announcement, Microsoft has announced that it intends to extend the scope of its internal carbon rates and impose equivalent internal carbon rates on its supply and value chains .

Below is a graph that visualizes Microsoft's CO2 reductions up to 2030. The light blue bar graph is the carbon dioxide emissions of Microsoft and the supply chain, the red bar graph is the carbon dioxide emissions generated by Microsoft's operation, the dark green bar graph is the emissions reduced by the efforts, the yellow green bar graph is `` From the environment Indicates the amount of carbon dioxide to 'capture.' The “actual carbon dioxide emissions” that sum up these are the dotted line graphs. It has been shown that by 2020, by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide captured from the environment, by 2030, carbon emissions will be reduced to substantially negative.

In addition, Microsoft will invest $ 1 billion (about 110 billion yen) as a Climate Innovation Fund over the next four years to accelerate the development of carbon removal technology and support public policies related to carbon reduction. Announced.

According to Microsoft, 'scientific consensus is clear, and the issue of carbon dioxide is a pressing issue for the world. Humans need to remove as much of their carbon emissions each year as possible, aggressive approaches and the development of new technologies. We need innovative public policy. '

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