Research results that `` cat lovers are atheists '' `` cats substitute what they seek from God ''


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There are various studies on cats loved around the world, but a new journal specialized in religion-related researchJournal for the Scientific Study of Religion , `` Atheists often keep cats as pets '' study Our paper has been published.

How Religion Predicts Pet Ownership in the United States-Perry--Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion-Wiley Online Library

Atheists put their faith in 'godlike' cats | News | The Times

'Godlike' Cats Are the Preferred Pets for Atheists, Study Finds

A research team led by Samuel L. Perry, who studies social sciences and religion at the University of Oklahoma, conducted a survey on pet ownership among 2,000 Americans. The survey found that those who were 'religious' replied to go to church at least once a week and worshiped had an average of 1.4 cats. On the other hand, 'no religion' people who have no habit of going to church to worship have an average of two cats.

Perry told The Times of the British media: 'Keeping pets is because they love the pets themselves and the special interactions they have with pets. It has also been suggested to be a human substitute for action. '

According to Perry, enthusiastic people who go to church often get the right social interaction in their work. On the other hand, non-religious people are hungry for social interaction and tend to prefer cats that are troublesome.

by Ramiz Dedaković

Perry also pointed out that cats tend to be more careless of their owners than other pets, and that their owners tend to pursue their cats and love them. In fact, the research team surveyed the attitudes of dogs and cats to their owners, and found that dogs are `` creatures who raise their owners like God '', whereas cats are `` tend to position themselves as the best '' He also confirmed.

As such, atheists who do not have religious symbols tend to 'unconsciously spend time on cat care and try to gain social interaction,' the research team argues. From these trends, Perry and his colleagues conclude that the 'average Americans tend to substitute pets for what they seek from religion.'

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