Headline news on January 14, 2020

' Summer Wars 4DX ' will be released to theaters this weekend from January 17, 2020 (Friday). This is part of the “UPDATE” project, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the theater release in 2009 from 2019, and an original ticket holder with King Kazuma and a love machine drawn on the surface will be distributed as a gift for visitors. The design on the back is 'fun to see'.

Along with the release, Mamoru Hosoda commented, 'It's new now! Please look at' Summer Wars ', which drew' now '10 years ago, at the theater at 4DX.'

'Summer Wars 4DX' Theatrical release on Friday, January 17, 2020! -YouTube


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`` Model speech plastic model gatari '' report that talked about plastic model modeling and design of `` Holy Warrior Dunbine '' with designer Yuken Kokawa-GIGAZINE

I heard that there is Hawaii in Taiwan for 3 hours by airplane, food & cost & how to go `` Kenting '' Summary report-GIGAZINE

What is the game situation in East Germany during the Cold War full of mystery? -GIGAZINE

Efforts to reduce garbage in a small town in Tokushima Prefecture `` Zero Waste Movement '' is now drawing attention from around the world-gigazine

Physical device `` YubiKey '' that enables secure two-step authentication with one touch supports USB Type-C-gigazine

`` Ejaculation on / off switch '' that may be a substitute for condom-gigazine

[Dread: 'Harry Potter' Alan Rickman, role of Snape, dies-GIGAZINE

A global event `` no pants day '' where only underwear is worn on the lower body Photo summary-gigazine

What is an 'endogenous retrovirus' that becomes part of the genome and activates the human brain? -GIGAZINE

5 ways to convey your opinion well and convince the other party without hurting others-gigazine

◆ Materials (memos / others)

`` Tsoppisog '' `` Please tell your account to Stuff '' Sad Japanese gather one after another-Togetter

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)
University professor 'Maybe even better than any of the answers I've ever seen' Is Oriradi Nakatsu's commentary on world history in 'YouTube University' misleading? -Togetter

The theory that the “killing medieval problem” that is apt to be spoiled in history clusters is not a spoiler by knowing the “concept of self-help” ... A laughable society is a happy society-Togetter

Story of meeting the youngest boy who passed the mathematics test grade 1 at the age of 9 | Yobinori Takumi | note

Up to 200 million yen Increasing cases where researchers pay for scientific publications Kyoto University | NHK News

Cockroaches breed and concern about ecosystems Ogasawara Islands Nishinoshima | NHK News

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
'Cherry blossom viewing party' list, no disposal record Secretary Kan admits illegal: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Cabinet Office submits to the recommendation bureau hidden parliament In the cherry blossom viewing party list, Mr. Kan is 'inappropriate' | Kyodo News

`` Sakura '' invitee list disposal is `` following previous government '' Secretary Suga, virtually changing the conventional explanation-Mainichi Shimbun

Mr. Aso 'The same ethnic group, in the same language, the same dynasty for 2000 years, there is only one dynasty ... there is only Japan' Possibility to call criticism-Mainichi Shimbun

Former Chairman Ghosn 'Japanese is a Norma' in Brazilian media (Photo: Reuters): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

'Passport refusal is unconstitutional' Mr. Junpei Yasuda sues the country | NHK News

The ratio of effective job openings to visiting care workers rose to 13x. Urgent measures to secure human resources | NHK News

Sales effect 'None' 61% consumption tax increase point reduction | Kyodo News

Meijo University associate professor sting case report submission trouble | NHK News

Missile launch and commander of Iran without permission of superiors | Kyodo News

Is Japan Ready to Accept Refugees from Taiwan? World | Latest Articles | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Iran admits shooting down, withdraws claim Ukrainian aircraft 'human error' | Kyodo News

Suspected of abusing 25 people at `` Yamayuri Garden '' Kanagawa Prefectural Verification Committee, revealed after the first meeting-Mainichi Newspaper

King Oman dies, good relations with Iran report on cousin to successor | NHK News

`` Everyone can talk '' crying staff The details of the crime at Yamayuri Garden are revealed Sagamihara killing-Mainichi Newspaper

`` An outdated judicial system, it is you to abolish '' Ghosn's lawyer in a statement Mori law minister's statement-Mainichi Shimbun

Ukrainian plane crashed after Iranian army shot down due to human error | NHK News

The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake 25 years Record of severe earthquake 1995 Coverage video archive | Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings, Inc., Asahi Broadcasting Television

Cherry blossom viewing party 'Illegal handling was handed over casually' Chief Cabinet Secretary | NHK News

A man stays in the company and makes female employees hostage Izumo Shimane | NHK News

At a junior high school, a woman shakes her knife over a teacher and runs away Chiba Nagareyama | NHK News

[Original] Arrest of Toshin High School lecturer who is aborted by former student ... Many works: Domestic: News: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

'Canadians were alive if tensions didn't increase' Trudeau criticized U.S. for destroying passenger plane 7 photos International News: AFPBB News

Food loss reduction Review of oden sales method FamilyMart | NHK News

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Www where the dog of the parents' house died

In living a new life, summarizing what is better to spend money is useful-Togetter

Even if I explain, `` Hoshi '' is seriously called ... Faculty of teachers for students who do not really understand the meaning of credit acquisition at college `` I think it is the price of money ''-Togetter

For cats' servants Uniqlo found clothes that are hard to get cat hair and nails are not caught and attracted great attention `` I gave up all clothes' '-Togetter

When I wondered why the ass hole hurts at the time of diarrhea, alkaline intestinal fluid dissolved the protein of the ass `` Do not fight between your own bodies ''-Togetter

# The book you usually put in the living room is a foreign book or a nice photo book-Togetter

'Which rubber is recommended for junior and senior high school students?' Critically prepared, a female college student notices | withnews | Withnews (Unnews)

High school student 'When you did not have electricity yet, how did you turn the conveyor belt sushi?'

Naoki Momota and three years of literature award-lady_joker's Hatena Blog

Woman: 'I was working hard to cook rice in the kitchen, and watching the TV, he closed the door of the living room to see if he was cold. (I was naturally alone in the cold kitchen.) I ran away leaving him crying not to break up ''-Togetter

How do people who are sick take a rest? -Togetter

Middle-aged people miserable, 47.2 yrs in peak in depression in developed countries-Economist survey-Bloomberg

◆ IT / gadget (net / soft / hard / mobile)
Haruka Fuka sues a contributor for `` net slander '' and tweet that `` her parents themselves failed ''-lawyer dot com

Investigation report of `` open source '' clarifies Ukrainian downfall (Peace Expo)-Individual-Yahoo! News

'Smartphone weekday 60 minutes' prefectural regulations draft | NHK Kagawa news

Linus mentions ZFS in LKML-kuenishi's blog

If you buy a product with Mercari, double billing is also made from a home electronics retailer ... Scams abusing the postpaid service 'Paidy' are frequently occurring in the Flea Market application-Togetter

Challenges in designing permissions for applications-kenfdev's blog

It's been 85 months since I lived on Amazon Associates alone. It seems that the growth limit has been reached-Kindo

A certain programmer released the source of a famous NES game to git | Colorful Pieces of Game

Chikuwa, Iron Array and Dad |

A story about a high school student who wants to crush MusicFM. ~ What we learned from dynamic analysis ~-Qiita

2020 Edition New York Travel To Do List for Tech People (Focus on Guidebooks) | Anno Takahiro | note

◆ Anime / Game / Manga (Subculture)

TV anime `` Spider, but something '' official website

An amateur who has never participated in Comiket sold out 140 books related to bicycles in three and a half hours-cyclist

I write a little about what I thought, because the Thirteenth Military Defense Zone was too crazy to be a masterpiece

Is this anime ok with terrestrial broadcasting? Pros and cons for heterogeneous reviewers-Togetter

Modern Mahjong Manga Life: Appeared on TV program 'I'm a fan of Sujigane!'

My son's friend who came to play with 'I want to make a gunpla together ...' But I decided to do it outside according to the rules of the child's family. -Togetter

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Impression 'Kaiji Final Game' Overwhelming void! Does Kaiji Paro by Kaiji divulge the future of Fukumoto manga?

Naoki Momota bites Goro Inagaki, but criticizes, 'Did you watch the program?'

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“-196 ° C Strong Zero <Giga Lemon>” New Release for a Limited Time January 14, 2020 News Release Suntory

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