What are the seven causes of waking up at midnight?



Everyone wants to avoid having to wake up in the middle of the night after they have fallen asleep. Bed Threads, a bedding mail order site, summarizes 'the seven causes of waking up at midnight'.

These Are the Top Reasons You Wake up at Night – Bed Threads

The seven reasons why you keep waking up in the middle of the night | Daily Mail Online

◆ 1: inappropriate room temperature
People can get good sleep because their body temperature is low, so a relatively cool room temperature of about 16 to 18 degrees is ideal for sleeping comfortably. If it exceeds 24 degrees, it may be too hot to wake up with night sweats, and if it falls below 12 degrees it will be too cold to sleep comfortably.

◆ 2 : Drink before sleep
Some people may say that drinking alcohol before sleeping can make them fall asleep, but sleep after drinking is almost always shallow, and they often wake up at midnight with slight noise. Bed Threads says it is wise to avoid drinking before sleep to get a good night's sleep.



◆ 3: Stressful thinking
People with strong stress tend to worry about quiet nights, and lack of sleep is a common symptom of anxiety disorders and depression. If you feel that you can't sleep due to stress, you need to talk to your GP and get rid of the cause of the stress.

◆ 4 : Sleep apnea syndrome
Sleep apnea syndrome, which repeats apnea and hypopnea during sleep, lowers the oxygen level in the body and naturally wakes up to take up oxygen. Bed Threads advised that if sleep apnea is obstructing sleep, you should consult with your GP to find a way to treat it.



◆ 5: Indigestion
If you eat too much before you go to bed, you may feel indigestion and discomfort when you lie down. Therefore, Bed Threads suggests that you eat more than two hours before you go to sleep, and Bed Threads suggests that you eat more lunch and less dinner.

◆ 6: Room is too bright
Many people should open the curtains in the bedroom and try to wake up immediately in the morning sun, but those who suffer from lack of sleep should make the bedroom as dark as possible when sleeping, There should be a signal to send. If light can inevitably enter through the gap between windows and doors, it may be a good idea to wear an eye mask or the like to block the light.

◆ 7: Electronic devices brought into the bedroom
Bringing an electronic device, such as a smartphone, into the bedroom is an obstacle to the quality of sleep. Bed Threads recommends that devices that require charging be charged outside of the bedroom and use a classic alarm clock instead of a smartphone alarm.

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