I ate `` Meita Mayo Tartar Shrimp Burger '' and `` Cheese Cheese Cheese Exquisite Cheeseburger '' with red and white motif celebrating Reiwa's first New Year

January 6, 2020, as a 'red and white series' to celebrate the Ryowa's first New Year, Lotteria is red group 'Mentai Mayo tartar shrimp burger,' 'shake potentiometer (garlic shrimp flavor)' and exquisite cheese of white set 'cheese cheese cheese Burger and Furupote (Japanese beef sukiyaki flavor) are now available. I actually ate at Lotteria to see how the concept of red and white, a Japanese tradition, and foreign foods, hamburgers and french fries, merged.

~ Congratulations! 'Red and white series' appears in Reiwa's first New Year! Are you a red gang? White group? -Beni Gumi 'Menta Mayota Tar Shrimp Burger', 'Furu Pote (Garlic Shrimp Flavor)' White Group 'Cheese Cheese Cheese ...' | Campaign | Lotteria


-Real chicken burger newly appeared in the 'Lotteria Classic' series! ~ 'Lotteria Classic Burger Chicken Fillet' Available for sale for a limited time from Monday, January 6, 2020! | Campaign | Lotteria

Arrived at Lotteria.

On the panel on the counter, red and white burgers celebrating the first New Year of Reiwa were appealing.

That's why I bought Burger & Potato for each of Red and White.

On the left side are the red group 'Meita Mayo Tartar Shrimp Burger' and 'Furu Pote (garlic shrimp flavor)', and on the right side are the white group 'Cheese, Cheese, Cheese and Cheese Burger' and 'Furu Pote (Japanese Beef Sukiyaki Flavor)'.

First, a comparison between burgers. The size is like this, both are normal size burgers.

This is the Beni Gumi 'Meita Mayo Tartar Shrimp Burger' (390 yen excluding tax).

A special sauce that mixes Lotteria's original tartar sauce and mayta sauce mayo sauce protrudes from between the buns.

Opening the paka and buns looks like this. The cabbage is slightly less than the fried shrimp patties.

When I try to eat it, the taste of mentaiko is as if the taste and the richness of mayonnaise are amplified. Because it is a shrimp burger, the fried sandwiched in the bun contains plenty of Banamei shrimp and you can enjoy the texture of Puri Puri. However, the flavor of the mentaiko sauce is generally strong, and the shrimp feeling is weak.

Next is the white group 'Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheeseburger' (430 yen excluding tax). The cheese protrudes from the side.

When you open the buns, you will find white cheese sauce with plenty of blue cheese, in addition to cheese with dark yolk that is also used for Lotteria's standard menu,

exquisite cheese burger .

When you eat it, juicy patties that are seasoned with spices such as pepper and oregano, and cheese that has an impact that is comparable to that, spread together in your mouth. The richness of removing the smell of blue cheese and adding richness and umami, combined with the taste of topping Gouda cheese and red cheddar cheese, it is just like cheese cheese cheese. If you like cheese, it was a burger that would make you want to get a vote in the white set unconditionally.

Next is the examination of the potato section. “Furu Potato (garlic shrimp flavor)” and “Furu Potato (Japanese beef sukiyaki flavor)” are both 290 yen (excluding tax).

The red and white potatoes have different powders applied to the potatoes.

Nutritional components of Garumi Shrimp Flavor Powder of Benigumi are as follows.

Raw materials include granulated sugar, seafood extract powder, garlic powder, black pepper powder, shrimp extract seasoning, etc.

Put the powder in a potato bag ...

If you shake well, 'Furu Pote' is completed.

When I ate it, it tasted like a shrimp with fried shell and garlic, and it was so rich that it seemed that the original flavor of potato had disappeared somewhere.

On the other hand, the ingredients of Shiragumi Wagyu beef sukiyaki flavor powder are as follows.

Raw materials include fat and oil adjustment powder, beef extract seasoning, granulated sugar, powdered oil, garlic powder and black pepper powder.

When I made this 'Furu Pote' and ate it, I found that it had a sukiyaki flavor with a savory flavor like tallow added to an oil-like split flavor with plenty of sugar.

Also, on the same day as the Red and White Series, 'Classic Burger Chicken Fillet' (580 yen per item) is also available. It is a burger with chicken made from Patty of 'Classic Burger' which appeared in December 2018.

The ingredients are lettuce, tomato, sliced onion, chicken fillet crispy, pickles. 'Classic burger' used quarter pound (113g) 100% beef patties, but this time 'Classic burger chicken fillet' uses one piece of

rice from ' rice rice ' grown on feed mixed with rice That it is.

Since each ingredient is cut thick, it is a burger with a height.

When you try to eat it, the outside is crispy, and the inside is juicy chicken fillet. When you chew it, the taste of the meat exudes and the desire to eat meat is satisfied. The taste of the sauces, such as rich honey mustard and sour Cajun spices, was modest, and the original taste of the ingredients, such as tomatoes, onions, and pickles, was directly felt.

'Menta Mayo Tartar Shrimp Burger', 'Cheese, Cheese and Cheese Cheese Burger', 'Furu Potato (Garlic Shrimp Flavor)', 'Furu Potato (Japanese Beef Sukiyaki Flavor)' and 'Lotteria Classic Burger Chicken Fillet' are available from January 6, 2020. Until the middle of the month, it can be eaten at lotterias nationwide except some stores.

Also, for a limited time from January 6 to January 19, 2020, you can vote for this red and white burger by using your Twitter account from the link below. If you vote, you can get all the coupons for 'Menta Mayo Tartar Shrimp Burger' and 'Exquisite Cheese Cheese Cheese Burger'. Furthermore, shrimp burger and exquisite cheese burger merchandise exchange tickets (for a total of 20) will be won by lottery.

Lotteria red and white shrimp exquisite battle Twitter campaign


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