8 games to play if you buy PlayStation 4

Sony's PlayStation 4 (PS4) has been running a discount campaign for a limited time from December 19, 2019 to January 5, 2020, and PS4 can be purchased for a whopping 19,980 yen. Since Amazon also has a campaign to discount PS4 and PS4 Pro over 11,000 yen during the same period, many people will try to get a new PS4 with Christmas gifts, New Year's balls, year-end bonuses etc. So I decided to pick up a game to play if I bought PS4 with dogmaticity and prejudice.

◆ Bloodborne
' Bloodborne ' released on March 26, 2015 is a title developed by SCE Japan Studio, which worked on ' GRAVITY DAZE ', and From Software of the ' DARK SOULS ' series. A highly difficult action is Uri's RPG, a game that learns the movement of the enemy with his head and body while dying many times and captures it. It is a popular title that sold over 2 million units worldwide.

GIGAZINE is infiltrating Bloodborne's completion presentation ...

I went to the completion presentation of the game `` Bloodborne '' for PS4 that can experience the ultimate feeling of death fight-gigazine

I also interviewed Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Bloodborne, directly. Miyazaki, who has produced a number of hits such as Bloodborne and Demon's Souls, is digging and hearing about the backside of his game production and his unique background, etc. Please read by all means.

I heard from Mr. Hidetaka Miyazaki who declares `` the deadline is the mother of invention '' digging root excavation such as new work `` Bloodborne '' and development secret story-GIGAZINE

In addition, 'Bloodborne' is a PS4 exclusive title, and it is sold at 1791 yen including tax at Amazon.co.jp .

◆ Death Stranding
Hideo Kojima , also known as the creator of the Metal Gear series , became independent from Konami and launched his own game development studio Kojima Productions. The first title announced was ' Death Stranding '.

With the keyword `` connection '', the legendary porter Sam who plays Norman Reedus connects the disconnected city and the city, the separated people and the people, the past, the present and the future. The story of going. A unique view of the world and free action are sold, and unique play movies, such as a super play movie that delivers luggage to the enemy's face and cleans it up immediately, are posted on the Internet.

GIGAZINE also reviews, you can check what the world view and beautiful images are like.

Director Hideo Kojima's latest work `` Death Stranding '' carrying the future is a fusion of overwhelming immersive movies and games-GIGAZINE

In addition, there is a unique point that 'Mushrooms grow on the field when standing and urinating in the game'.

I tried to grow mushrooms by standing piss at `` Death Stranding ''-YouTube

In addition, 'Death Stranding' is a PS4 exclusive title, sold at Amazon.co.jp at 5849 yen including tax.

◆ Red Dead Redemption 2
' Red Dead Redemption 2 ' is an open world climb action game by Rockstar Games , also known as Grand Theft Auto Series . At the time of release, many Americans took a break from the company, and the total number of units shipped worldwide exceeded 23 million units.

Vast field & real and elaborate reproduction of the United States in 1899 created with a large volume of data that the download version capacity exceeds 90GB. A game system with a high degree of freedom that allows a robber to be robbed or wanted, and even a feminist to be fed to a crocodile and killed like an outlaw. In the overwhelming immersion that these are expressed together, the biggest point is that the player can become a gang at that time.

`` Red Dead Redemption 2 '' where you can experience the era of outlaws that end with a sense of immersion beyond the scope of the game as a cowboy, both body and mind-gigazine

In addition, 'Red Dead Redemption 2' is sold at 4950 yen including tax at Amazon.co.jp .

◆ Until Dawn
Until Dawn is a horror adventure game released in August 2015. The tragedy of eight men and women gathered in a mountain cottage in a snowy mountain being attacked by a mysterious murderer can be relived in a scenario-divergent adventure format. Because it is a work as if you are re-experiencing a movie, even those who are not good at detailed operations with the controller can easily play.

In fact, GIGAZINE has also reviewed 'Until Dawn-A tragedy mountain cottage-', and you can understand what the game looks like by checking the following article.

`` Your choice leads to death '' I tried playing PS4's new sense horror / adventure game `` Until Dawn-tragedy mountain villa-'' depicting the fate of death hitting young people on a land isolated island-GIGAZINE

The state of exploring the lodge of 'Until Dawn-Mountain Villa of Tragedy-' can be seen in the following movie.

I was surprised when I searched for a too scary lodge at `` Until Dawn-Mountain tragedy of tragedy ''-YouTube

In addition, 'Until Dawn-mountain trage of tragedy-' is a PS4 exclusive title, and it is sold at 1791 yen including tax at Amazon.co.jp .

◆ Detroit: Become Human
' Detroit: Become Human ' is an action adventure game developed by French game company Quantic Dream . Although the action elements are modest, it is a game where you can feel the unique immersion and urgency of playing a movie.

The story is set in the near future where artificial intelligence (AI) and robot technology have evolved, with three Androids in the form of human beings as the main characters, pursuing persecution from humans and changes in Androids. Because there are three main characters, you can enjoy the relationship between humans and androids from different perspectives, and the will of the player will affect the end of the story itself.

A game `` Detroit: Become Human '' that can enjoy a unique immersion and urgency like a `` movie to play '' review-gigazine

The action movie of 'Detroit: Become Human' can be confirmed in the following movie.

An action scene of the game `` Detroit: Become Human '' like a `` movie to play ''-YouTube

In addition, `` Detroit: Become Human '' is sold at Amazon.co.jp for 3780 yen including tax, and on December 12, 2019, the PC version has also been distributed, and purchased from the Epic Games Store for 3990 yen I can do it.

◆ Days Gone
Days Gone is an open world action adventure game released on April 26, 2019. A mysterious virus has caused a plethora of zombie-like infected 'free cars,' and in the United States, where civilization and order have collapsed, biker Deacon seeks out the pandemic mystery and his lost wife.

Anyway, the action with the free car that appears in large quantities is the biggest attraction, and the battle scene with the overwhelming majority of free cars in the demo video released in 2016 was a big topic. Even in the main part, the battle of a lot of free cars continues at the end of the main game, so it is especially recommended for those who like zombies and those who like action games.

Of course, it is an attractive title other than the action element, so if you are interested in the many attractiveness, please check out the following article.

I tried playing the open world game `` Days Gone '' for PS 4 that challenges alone in the world that became a hell of a zombie (free car) hell of a scream-gigazine

In addition, 'Days Gone' is a PS4 exclusive title, and it is sold at 3480 yen including tax at Amazon.co.jp .

◆ Marvel's SPIDER-MAN
' Marvel's SPIDER-MAN ', released in September 2018, is a game where you can freely fly around Manhattan in the open world and become a Spider-Man while defeating gangs and helping people appearing in the city. The cumulative worldwide sales volume is over 9 million, and it is the best-selling superhero game ever.

An open world action `` Marvel's SPIDER-MAN '' that runs as a Spider-Man and runs through the city and kills villains is like this-gigazine

PS4 `` Marvel's SPIDER-MAN '' review that becomes a Spider-Man and flies through transcendental real New York with the power of a movie-GIGAZINE

You can check how you become a Spider-Man and fly around the city of Manhattan in the following movie. Just swinging between the buildings with spider silk makes for a very refreshing feeling, and it is almost likely that the spider thread will take its ' hand shape ' from your arm as well.

PS4 `` Marvel's SPIDER-MAN '' Spider-Man swinging between buildings-YouTube

Marvel's SPIDER-MAN also had a number of hidden Easter eggs , including a proposal for a lover. However, the proposal has failed and will be called the 'Sadest Easter Egg in the World.'

A man who hid a proposal in the game fluctuates before release, the saddest Easter egg in the world is born-GIGAZINE

In addition, 'Marvel's SPIDER-MAN' is a PS4 exclusive title, and it is sold at 5680 yen including tax at Amazon.co.jp .

◆ Nio
' Niou ' is a popular title of Koei Tecmo, with sales totaling over 2.5 million units worldwide. In this game, the action of Uri is a game of high difficulty, it is 'Game to Sengoku Death', in which the enemy is killed by the enemy over and over again and the game is over, and the enemy's movements and weaknesses are found. No matter how strong the character or equipment, the game is perfect for those who are tired of ordinary action games because the player can not clear the game with bad shit.

It has also appeared on PlayStation Hits in August 2019, and can be purchased at Amazon.co.jp for 1791 yen including tax.

'Nio Complete Edition' PS4® version trailer (30 seconds ver.)-YouTube

The sequel to “Nioh” is scheduled to be released on March 12, 2020, so check here as well.

I have died in the world's first trial of the game `` Nioh 2 '' at the death of the Sengoku where the original fun of the action game is packed-gigazine

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