A VR glove `` Teslasuit Glove '' that conveys the tactile sensation of objects in virtual space has appeared, with a function to measure pulse

Teslasuit , a provider of suits with tactile feedback and motion capture, has announced the Teslasuit Glove, which allows users to feel the touch of objects in a virtual space and also collects biometric information.

Teslasuit's new VR gloves let you feel virtual objects and track your pulse-The Verge

Compared to VR gloves such as HaptX, which have a “tactile feeling” function, the Teslasuit Glove is equipped with various functions. Each finger has nine electrodes that generate the tactile sensation of the object in the virtual space, and the plastic exoskeleton parts generate vibrations and resistance that reproduce the feel of the virtual object. In addition to these tactile reproduction functions, it is also equipped with a motion capture function that the entire glove captures hand movements including wrists and fingers, and a pulse oximeter that collects information such as heart rate and records the user's biological response It has been.

Teslasuit is a company that provides a suit 'Teslasuit' with the same name. Teslasuit was seeking investment in

Kickstarter in 2016 as a next-generation suit for VR equipped with tactile reproduction function, motion capture function, and temperature reproduction function, but was discontinued later. This product was sold again in 2018. On the official blog, 'Teslasuit is used in various fields such as astronaut training' is advertised.

Teslasuit with collaboration partners presents various VR-Training Demo for different industries-Teslasuit

The official movie of such Teslasuit is as follows.

Teslasuit.Master Reality-YouTube

Teslasuit is an interface that connects the human and digital worlds. Simulate the digital world with Teslasuit to master the skills you can use in the real world.

Teslasuit can provide tactile feedback and temperature to any part of the body. In addition, it also has a motion capture function for the wearer and a biological information collection function.

In the real world, leaders and training equipment require expensive costs ...

Such costs are not required for VR training using Teslasuit.

With VR training, you can also perform risk-free training in situations involving dangers such as fire sites and outer space.

Teslasuit is not officially denied for uses such as 'games and entertainment'. However, the selling price of Teslasuit is $ 5,000 (about 550,000 yen), which is quite high for entertainment use. Teslasuit Glove is under development at the time of writing, so the price is unknown.

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