8 games to play when you get a Nintendo Switch

' Nintendo Switch ' is a Nintendo game console that can be used as a portable game console or as a stationary game console. In 2019, a mobile mode-only version of ' Nintendo Switch Lite ' and a new model with reduced power consumption by 40-50% have appeared. There should be many people who get or get a new Nintendo Switch with Christmas gifts, year-end bonuses, New Year's New Year, etc., For such people, the overseas media The Verge said `` Eight to play on Nintendo Switch Game '.

The 8 best games for your new Nintendo Switch-The Verge

◆ Pokemon Sword Shield
The Pokémon Sword Shield, the latest product in the Pokémon series, has sold the first six million copies of Nintendo Switch software in history, the fastest and most in the first week . For Nintendo Switch, there is a remake version of the original Pokemon ' Pocket Monster Let's Go! Pikachu Eevee ', but this is the first Pokemon series that appeared as a completely new work for Nintendo Switch.

Until now, the Pokemon series that has appeared for mobile game consoles, but since this work is now available for Nintendo Switch, the 3DCG models of each Pokemon have also been renewed. Sword Shield has been a big topic before its release, but it looks like Mokomoko's Wooloo and ...

Overseas, the `` Pokemon Sword Shield '' Wooloo is very popular-gigazine

'Negiganite', a newly added form of camo onion ...

Overseas reaction to the evolution of kamoonegi, which is newly appearing in Pokemon Sword Shield-gigazine

New Pokémon, such as the new Pokémon “Wow,” which only pokes out Pikachu, attracted attention.

The wow of `` Pokemon Sword Shield '' that spits out Pikachu as a circle becomes extremely popular on the net-GIGAZINE

The Verge states, 'Sword Shield is the best adventure in the long-standing Pokémon series. The new game matches the two qualities of the Nintendo Switch, catching Pokémon on the go and providing great visuals on the big screen of the house. You can enjoy it, 'he praised Sword Shield.

In addition, at Amazon.co.jp, Pokemon Sword Shield is sold at 5720 yen including tax each.

◆ Untitled Goose Game-A mischievous goose has arrived! ~
An unusual game of manipulating cute geese and mischievous to humans is 'Untitled Goose Game-A mischievous goose has arrived!' In the game, there is a ToDo list that the goose should clear, and the goal of the game is to clear this. Some ToDo lists, such as 'wet your uncle' and 'open a picnic', do not tell you how to clear them just by reading the text, so they are an action puzzle that involves trial and error from a goose perspective.

GIGAZINE is actually reviewing it, and if you read the following article you can see in detail what kind of game it is.

Nintendo Switch 'Untitled Goose Game-Naughty Goose Came!-' Review Naughty Goose Peaches Human Fangs-GIGAZINE

◆ The Legend of Zelda Dreaming Island
'The Legend of Zelda: Dreaming Island' is a complete remake of the same title that first appeared in 1993 as Game Boy software . This is the second Zelda legend series to appear on the Nintendo Switch, following Zelda's legendary Breath of the Wild . A dream island that was expressed in 2D on the Game Boy can be revived in 3D with Nintendo Switch, and you can operate a cute looking link like a clay animation and explore Koho Lint Island. One of the highlights is that familiar characters in Nintendo such as Wan Wan and Kuribo are faithful to the original.

GIGAZINE is also reviewing it, and the familiar 'Dorobo' call was alive for those who have played the Game Boy version.

`` Zelda's Legend Dreaming Island '' reborn with Nintendo Switch is a good work that old and new fans who completely remade nostalgic trauma machines can enjoy-GIGAZINE

According to The Verge, 'The dreaming island is not a completely new work, but because there are many legendary Zelda series, the dreaming island of the Nintendo Switch version feels like a new thing. In a small world like a diorama, charm You can enjoy a classic game. '

◆ Fire Emblem Fuka Hanayuki
The fourth is ' Fire Emblem Fuka Yukizuki, ' the latest in the Fire Emblem series. The combat system is basically familiar in the Fire Emblem series, but there is also a completely new element in which the protagonist lives a teacher's life at Garg-Mac Abbey's academy.

The official introduction video can be seen below.

Fire Emblem Fuka Hanayuki Introduction Video-YouTube

In addition, 'Fire Emblem Fuka Hanayuki' is 6484 yen including tax at Amazon.co.jp .

◆ Ring Fit Adventure
'Ring Fit Adventure', where Nintendo suddenly released a ' mysterious ring ' became a hot topic, where you can train yourself while playing a game. You can train the characters and muscles in the game at the same time while doing a muscle training called a game using a special ring con. Because the exercise intensity of Ring Fit Adventure can be set freely, you can do a good sweating exercise, or you can bullied your body thoroughly, and you can exercise harder than you imagined.

You can understand how you can actually exercise by checking the following article.

Nintendo Switch `` Ring Fit Adventure '' that advances muscles to a partner was a new sense game where training and games merged-gigazine

“The Ring Fit Adventure is one of the weirdest ideas coming out of Nintendo. A fantasy adventure that combines a fitness game like Nintendo's best-selling game, Wii Fit , with exploration and turn-based battles. The combination of these sounds strange, but it's surprising: two seemingly different aspects complement each other so perfectly that you can have a fun workout. I do. '

◆ Super Mario Maker 2
Super Mario Maker 2 is the sequel to Super Mario Maker, a game that allows you to 'make' as well as 'play'. In the Super Mario Maker 2 story mode, you can learn the basic operations and how to use the new elements, and even beginners of Mario can play carefully.

The story mode of `` Super Mario Maker 2 '' where you can create and play Mario with your own hands is a mode where you can thoroughly learn how to use basic operations and new elements-GIGAZINE

The most interesting thing is the 'World Course' where you can play original courses created by players around the world. Super Mario Studio 2 in just less than two weeks since it was released two million or more types of courses have been posted, worst of 1-1 remake or course that reproduces a three-dimensional maze of 3D dungeon RPG in a 2D side-scrolling , cooperation Intense mess courses that are essential to play have appeared.

I tried playing a popular course at `` Super Mario Maker 2 '' where you can enjoy original courses created by Mario craftsmen around the world-gigazine

In addition, there is also a new mode called “Minna Battle” where up to four players can play online.

I tried playing a battle with everyone of `` Super Mario Maker 2 '' that can play online with up to 4 people-gigazine

◆ The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
An open world RPG that has appeared for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One is ' Witcher 3 Wild Hunt '. It is also a point that the Nintendo Switch version is a complete edition with all download contents etc.

The Verge states, 'The Witcher 3 is one of the best open world games of the past decade, and it can be carried anywhere (on the Nintendo Switch version). The Nintendo Switch version of the fantasy epic There's a slight compromise to packing a large game into a smaller console, but it's worth it. '

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt — Complete Edition | Launch Trailer for Nintendo Switch-YouTube

In addition, 'The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt' is sold at 5886 yen including tax at Amazon.co.jp .

◆ Luigi Mansion 3
Eighth is Luigi Mansion 3, the latest work in the Luigi Mansion series, in which Luigi wanders around the haunted house looking for Mario. As The Verge explains, `` Luigis latest adventure is a slapstick comedy rather than a typical horror game, '' Luigi Mansion 3 is finished in a work that even those who are not good at horror games can play . In addition to the new vacuums Luigi uses to suck in ghosts, new features have been added, as well as a party mode for multiple players.

The official introduction video is as follows.

Luigi Mansion 3 Introduction Video-YouTube

In addition, 'Luigi Mansion 3' is sold at 5720 yen including tax at Amazon.co.jp .

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