Point out that Virgin Mary has been made a `` tool to strengthen patriarchy ''


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Some historians point out that ' the rise of feminism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries was a major part of demonic religion .' Meanwhile, Dorothy Ann Lee, a theologian at Trinity Theological Seminary in Australia, points out that the Virgin Mary , a sacred being, has been used as a tool to oppress women.

How the cult of Virgin Mary turned a symbol of female authority into a tool of patriarchy

◆ What is the Virgin Mary?
Jesus Christ, the savior in Christianity, is said to be a child of God, but was born as a single human being to a woman. At this time, the Bible states that the mother of Christ, Mary, had worshiped Christ with a virgin birth, and has been a subject of worship and awe in multiple religions and religions as a mediator between God and humans .


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Pregnancy as a virgin is unlikely from a scientific point of view, but this is to align with Maria's pregnancy before marrying her husband, Joseph . In Judaism , where Joseph and Mary worshiped, premarital negotiation was a serious offense against the precepts, as was Christianity. Regarding how the Virgin Mary was granted a virgin, Lee pointed out that 'it distorted Mary's personality and made it obedient and dependent on patriarchy.' The view is different from the actual situation.

◆ Statue of Maria as a leader
In religious paintings, she often depicts scenes gently holding a baby, but in the Bible she is described as a very active woman. For example, when Jesus was taken to be crucified, even Peter , the central of the Twelve Apostles , said, 'I am not a disciple of Jesus' because of the fear of being charged with treason. And denied. On the other hand, Mary is present at the moment when Jesus is executed at considerable risk.

Thus, the early church awarded Mary, who played an important role as one of the first Christians, the title ' Theotokos '. The title is derived from the Greek word for 'the one who created God,' but according to Lee, it is not tied to the innocence of posterity. However, as time went on, Maria was given the image of an 'eternal virgin' and excluded elements such as leadership and bravery. Simone de Beauvoir , an early French feminist, states that `` the worship of the Virgin Mary is a symbol of 'the greatest victory of masculinity', '' and said that it is in the interests of men rather than women. Shows perspective.

'The idea of eternal virginity reduces women's sexuality and makes women's bodies and sexual desires seem unhealthy and impure. It's a safe and non-threatening person for a single man who wants to settle down on it. '

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◆ Contradiction
Lee also points out that the treatment of Mary in Christianity is inconsistent. Pope Francisco of the Roman Catholic Church stated in a 2014 speech that 'Motherhood models for Christians are the Virgin Mary.' In response, Lee said, 'If it were true, the church could be the subject of an ordination to appoint a woman as a priest.' He criticizes the idea of not allowing him to take office.

`` It is no coincidence that the Vatican banned paintings of Mary dressed as priests in the early 20th century, noting a priest but an ordinary wife, Mary, the mother, supports those who challenge the irregular structure inside and outside the church. '

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