Boeing CEO is virtually dismissed due to lack of response to defective machine `` 737 MAX ''


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On December 23, 2019, Denise Mulenberg, CEO of Boeing , the world's largest aerospace equipment development and manufacturing company, resigned. The New York Times reports that the resignation was a virtual 'dismissal' following a failure to respond to the defective Boeing 737 MAX, which caused two crashes.

Boeing Announces Leadership Changes-Dec 23, 2019

Boeing Fires CEO Dennis Muilenburg-The New York Times

Boeing fires CEO after disastrous year with 737 MAX | Ars Technica

According to the New York Times, the Boeing Board unanimously decided to dismiss Mulenberg CEO shortly after the mission of the new Starship liner, which the company was responsible for, failed. The starliner launched on December 20, 2019 failed the main purpose of the mission `` docking with the International Space Station '', the cause has been found to be `` the aircraft time setting was incorrect '' .

NASA's new spacecraft `` Star Liner '' failed to reach the International Space Station, returning to the ground succeeded-gigazine

Boeing's Board of Directors nominates

David Calhoun, current chairman of General Electric , to succeed CEO Mulenberg. Calhoun will be chairman and CEO on January 13, next year, until then Greg Smith Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will be the interim CEO.

The 737 MAX killed 346 people in total, including the crash of Lion Air 610 in October 2018 and the crash of Ethiopian Airlines 302 in March 2019. Investigations conducted after the accident pointed out that the 737 MAX had a 'system problem'.

Background and problems of the system mounted on the Boeing 737 MAX-gigazine

The issue was also whistle-blowing, stating that 'the Boeing's own corporate culture has created it.'

Whistleblowing 737 MAX crash accident is due to whistleblowing that it is due to corporate culture that emphasizes delivery time and cost over safety improvement-gigazine

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On December 17, 2019, Boeing decided to discontinue production of the 737 MAX due to the lack of prospects for a Federal Aviation Administration operation permit. The discontinuation is expected to affect the hiring of approximately 8,000 companies in the 737 MAX supply chain .

Boeing decides to stop production of `` 737 MAX '' that caused a crash-gigazine

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Boeing's share price has fallen about 20% since the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 in March 2019, but has turned up about 2% following the resignation of CEO Mulenberg.

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