A former Navy pilot who shot `` UFO's moving physically impossible '' while flying with a fighter talks about his experience at the time


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In November 2004, U.S. Navy pilots encountered a mysterious flying object off the coast of San Diego , California, and one of them succeeded in capturing the flying object using an infrared camera. Fifteen years have passed since the UFO incident called the ' USS Nimitz UFO incident, ' and a former Navy pilot, Chad Underwood, who finally shot the infrared camera video, talks about the events at that time.

'Tic Tac' UFO Video: Q & A With Navy Pilot Chad Underwood

Navy Pilot Who Filmed UFO Describes Experience


The incident began in early November 2004 when a radar on a Princeton naval missile cruiser caught a suspicious flying object. Kevin Day, a Princeton radar operator, noticed that a suspicious flying object was slowly flying near San Clemente Island off San Diego.

The altitude of the flying object was about 28,000 feet (8530 m), the speed was about 138 miles / hour (222 km / h), the altitude was too high to think of a bird, too slow for an airplane . In addition, it seems that the flying object did not take an established course, and Mr. Day and other Princeton radar operators tried to grasp the flying object for more than a week, but could not grasp the identity of the flying object. did. At that time, the operation of shutting down and re-adjusting the Princeton radar system was also performed to confirm that the radar observation was not a false detection.

The flying object was intermittently observed by radar thereafter, and when the same flying object was observed again on November 14, 2004, the Navy boarded an F / A-18E / F fighter from Nimitz , a Navy aircraft carrier. The pilots sailed and set out to check for flying objects in the form of battle exercises. Pilots, including Mr. Underwood's senior David Flavor, headed to the scene under the direction of Day, where nothing was present, but in the waters far below the fighter jets. He said he saw an unusual object hovering. According to pilots at the time, as the fighter descended to approach the flying object, the flying object rose while keeping the distance with the fighter, and disappeared from view in about 2 seconds while accelerating.

After the first team returned from Nimitz returned, it was the group of Underwood and others who set out as the second team. Mr. Underwood's fighter is equipped with a high-performance infrared camera on the left wing, and it can detect suspicious flying objects floating in the air of about 15,000 miles (about 4600 m) to 24,000 miles (about 7300 m). I succeeded in shooting. The movie actually shot by Underwood is as follows.

FLIR1: Official UAP Footage from the USG for Public Release-YouTube

A strange object is floating in the center of the screen where the sky was shot, indicating that the camera sensor has firmly captured the position of the object.

If you increase the magnification and zoom, it looks like this.

Here is the screen in TV mode, and the shape of the elliptical object floating in the air during the day can be seen relatively clearly.

Eventually, the flying object suddenly moves off the center of the camera ...

Move to the left.

After that, the sensor detects the position of the flying object again ...

The flying object accelerated suddenly and disappeared to the left of the field of view. This UFO is also called `` Tic-Tac UFO '' because the pilot at the time said `` It was a movement that was Tic-Tac '', but Mr. Underwood said that this name was based on That.

In addition, this movie acknowledged in 2019 that the United States Navy said, 'The movie of a mysterious flying object is not a fake but a real one, and it is regarded as an' unidentified aerial phenomenon '.'

U.S. Navy admits UFO video is `` real '', but the Navy did not intend to disclose it-gigazine

According to Underwood, Flavor and his first team flew off as soon as they landed, and succeeded in shooting a movie of the flying object. Mr. Underwood seems to have been unable to see the flying object with his own eyes due to the problem of distance, but since the infrared camera was able to shoot at a distance of 20 miles (about 32 km), it was invisible to the naked eye 10 He stated that he was able to shoot flying objects from more than a mile (about 16 km) away.

One of the strange things that Underwood actually encounters with a flying object is the irregular movement of the flying object. Flying objects that have been successfully photographed have completely different altitude, speed, aspect changes compared to other aerial targets, and they seemed to be moving in a `` physical unusual way '', whether manned or unmanned The aircraft did not follow the laws of physics to follow. Regarding the point where the flying object suddenly goes out of sight, there is also an indication that 'the shooting range of the camera has shifted because the aircraft was tilted?' I argue that I was approaching.

In addition, because aircraft are equipped with propulsion engines, infrared cameras should normally be able to detect the heat emitted around the flying object. However, Mr. Underwood noted that the flying object has no sign of exhaust heat or propulsion energy.

Underwood returned to Nimitz after shooting the movie, and asked a friend of a colleague who teased, 'Hey, did you see anything strange?' I took a video because I thought. ' Mr. Underwood was instructed not to talk about the series of events, so even if he talks about the Nimitz UFO incident with his colleagues afterwards, he did not talk about his thoughts, what was filmed He did not even guess whether he was.

Underwood has already retired from a naval pilot and is working as a civilian flight instructor. 'I don't want to be part of a community that talks about the presence of aliens. It was just a UFO (unidentified flying object). It's simply an' unidentified flying object ',' said Underwood. Said.

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