`` Evangelion marriage registration 2020 '' appeared as an appendix to Zexy, it can be actually submitted to the government office

' Evangelion Marriage Notification 2020 ', which collaborated with '

Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version ', will appear as an appendix to the marriage information magazine Zexy February 2020 issue.

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This month's 'Zexy' is a gorgeous collaboration with 'Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version'. Evangelion Marriage Notification 2020 | Press Release from Recruit Marketing Partners Inc.

In XXY, we want to make not only weddings but also marriage registrations special. I went. The marriage registration in the February 2020 appendix is a collaboration with 'Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version', which has 'Yurushito' on the surface.

The back is the logo of the special agency NERV.

To celebrate the production of 'Evangelion Marriage Registration 2020', a gift project of 'Evangelion Original Welcome Board' will be held.

Evangelion Twitter Campaign | Zexy

The Zexy February 2020 issue is on sale December 23, 2019 (Monday).

By the way, local governments have also developed various original marriage registrations.

We start distribution of Taito-ku original marriage registration Taito-ku homepage

Tachikawa Premium Marriage Registration | Tachikawa

Kodaira-shi original marriage registration | Kodaira-shi, Tokyo official homepage

We distribute original marriage registration | Fussa-shi, Tokyo official homepage

Osaka City: Distribution of original marriage registrations for each ward of Osaka City Please use it! (…> Family registration> Marriage / Divorce)

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