I tried playing a craft action adventure `` Terraria '' that digs into the world with Nintendo Switch and makes adventures

' Terraria ', an adventure in the world composed of blocks of wood, soil, ore, etc., while creating items and houses by yourself, appeared on Nintendo Switch on Thursday, December 19, 2019. The popular game that appeared on PC, PlayStation 4, and smartphone was released in a new version, and the editorial staff of 'Terraria' inexperienced people actually tried playing.

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Launch Terraria and select single player.

First, select a player. 30 player data can be created. Create a player by selecting 'empty'.

Player character can choose hair, eyes, skin, clothes, gender, difficulty. This time, I chose 'Random' and chose 'Create'.

Enter the character's name and press the + button.

Select the character you just created.

Now create the world. Terraria's world is a world where you adventure in the game, and it is automatically generated each time you create it.

For the world size, select 'Small' this time.

Select 'Normal' as the game mode. In addition, it is said that the difficulty increases when it is 'advanced', and that items that do not appear in 'normal' appear.

Enter the name of the world and press the + button. The name of the world to be adventurized this time is 'GIGAZINE'.

World generation starts. It took about a minute or so for the world size 'Small'.

World generation is complete and the game starts. Players are thrown out into a wide world.

Initially he has a sword, pickaxe, and an ax. You can select the item displayed on the upper left with the L and R buttons, so first move the cursor to the ax.

Head to the root of a nearby tree and press the ZR button to cut out the tree with an ax.

When the tree is cut several times, it changes to 'Mokuzai (wood)'. Terraria tools have no durability, so no matter how much you use them, they will not wear out and break.

I decided to make a house from the wood I got. Pressing the left stick switches the operation from automatically matching the cursor to manually moving the cursor. In manual operation, squares of graph paper appear together with the cursor, so carefully place blocks one by one.

The wood was set up so as to surround it, but this did not allow me to go outside. To make the door, press the X button to open the stick and create a 'workbench' using 10 pieces of wood.

Place the created workbench on the ground, stack the players and open the stuff to increase the stuff you can create.

'Kino Kabe' and 'Kino Ashiba' can now be created, so if you place a house that is too airy to fill with 'Kino Kabe', it looks like this. Please note that a space of 3 squares is required to install the 'Kinotobira'.

Finally, when the house was about to be completed, slime was coming from the right side of the house. If the door is closed, no monsters will come in, but you will be upset by a sudden attack and smash the slime with the right wooden door.

I made a torch using gel that can be obtained by defeating the slime, and brightened the inside of the house.

In addition, a wooden desk and wooden chair are installed. Terraria completes the house by 'blocking the wall, filling the background with tiles, and installing at least one desk, chair, and lighting.' It is said that NPC may live in the completed house.

As expected, the one-story one-story one-story house is not attractive as a property? I rushed to build the second floor.

However, due to an unexpected addition, the material was exhausted. I go out and cut the tree again ...

If you notice, the sun goes down and it becomes night, and the area is completely dark.

At night, more monsters attack, so evacuate to the house in a hurry.

The wooden door automatically opens when a player or NPC approaches. A zombie has swept into the house just as he inadvertently approached the door. There is a health gauge on the upper right, and the health is displayed with 5 hearts in the initial state, but the heart is losing due to the zombie attack.

Surrounded by a large number of zombies, his health has dropped to zero and the player has died. In the lower left, 'a zombie folded her body in half', a pretty nasty cause of death was displayed. In addition, even if you die, you will not lose items, but you will drop the money you got from the enemy you killed on the spot. The money you drop can be recovered if you return to the place where you died immediately after resurrection.

The revived point is where it first appeared. Immediately to the right, I found a tombstone in front of the house.

What is this? Approached, the zombie that had just attacked again attacked again, and died again. 'Terraria' is a pretty impressive enemy, and if you are careless, it will be killed in no time. If you greet the night without first building a house, you will die instantly surrounded by zombies and slimes, so when the game starts, you should say that cutting the tree first and building a house should be the top priority .

After the second resurrection, we were able to finally wipe out the zombies, 'stow behind the door and attack the zombies by piercing the sword.'

When I go outside, I find a tombstone when I died a second time. The cause of death was engraved on the tombstone.

I realized that the defense was weak, so I made armor using wood. You need to move the armor you created to the equipment screen displayed on the right of the screen of the mochi and attach it.

When worn, it looks like this, it is a brown coordinating whole body, but after two deaths, I decided to 'protect myself without worrying about fashion at this time'.

When it was finally over and the morning was over, it was raining outside. A slime with a huge umbrella wanders.

Going further to the right while defeating the slime, the falling rain turned into snow and plunged into the area where snow and ice spread.

However, as the sun set when I was on an adventure, I went home for the time being. I thought that adventure on the ground might not be possible, so I decided to dig underground. I dug a pickaxe under the house and discovered iron ore.

Iron ore can be refined into iron ingots using a furnace.

Dig more and more underground ...

As I discovered a little more space, I decided to use this as a campsite and set up a workbench and a furnace. The map displayed in the upper right gives you an overview of the holes and caves dug out from the floor of your house, like an ant nest.

Since it is a campsite, a campfire is created.

The campfire, which says 'health is quicker when nearby,' is a must for campsites.

Then, create a treasure chest using the created ingot.

You can store picked up items inside.

In addition, we decided to install a door at the campsite so that monsters could not enter immediately.

As you continue your underground adventure, you discover a place where water has accumulated. Because you can't breathe underwater, an oxygen gauge is displayed above the character. If you are in the water without breathing, the gauge will gradually decrease, and if the oxygen gauge runs out, your physical strength will be periodically reduced.

Unfamiliar with underwater operations and flapping, I noticed something like a box at the bottom.

When I approached and pressed the B button while paying attention to the oxygen gauge, it seemed to be a treasure chest, and a lot of items were jammed inside. If you select 'Recover All', you can bring the contents to your hand in an instant.

I will continue the underground adventure while installing the torch on the wall.

Discover something like a heart-shaped gem deep underground.

When you break it with a pickaxe, you get an item called Life Crystal.

Using a life crystal adds one more heart.

'Terraria' is a 2D version of Minecraft , a game where you dig into the world of dots and create your own equipment and buildings to explore. However, unlike Minecraft, there is no endurance value of tools and it is a world without depth in 2D, so the feeling of playing is completely different. I felt that I was 'adventuring the world' more than Minecraft, so I was impressed with 'Action RPG with unlimited freedom'.

However, 'Terraria' is a game originally developed for PCs, and is designed to use a mouse and keyboard. Therefore, there were some difficulties with Nintendo Switch controller operation. This time I was playing using the Nintendo Switch Pro controller , but the unit of dots is smaller than Minecraft, and it requires quite delicate operation with the right stick, so it took quite a while to get used to . In addition, by using the touch panel in mobile mode, the operation was more intuitive.

'Terraria' can be purchased for 4,180 yen including tax. Also, at the time of article creation, the package version could be purchased at Amazon.co.jp for 3453 yen including tax.

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