I've been searching for the Leiden film that created 'After School Dice Club'

Leiden, who is known for `` Boarding School Juliet '', `` Magic Senior '', `` Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL- '', etc., is working on the production of the TV anime ``

After school dice club '' broadcasted from October 2019 the film. When I visited the studio to see what kind of work this work was created from, I was able to show many cute illustrations by Yukiko Ibe who worked on character design.

LIDENFILMS─Leiden Film Co., Ltd.

Mr. Shushu Edo and Mr. Shinji Hashimoto, producers of “After School Dice Club”, gave us a tour of the studio.

The entrance passage is an exhibition space for past works and posters.

Until the beginning of 2019, the same floor was shared with an animation production company, TRIGGER, known for producing “Promere”. In June 2019, a TRIGGER visit article was posted. This is just before the move, and after that, the entire floor is being used by Leiden Film.

Visiting the animation production company `` TRIGGER '', the scene where the movie `` Promere '' was created was like this-GIGAZINE

The showcase has advanced not only to the aisle but also to the reception desk.

One of the cases is related to “After School Dice Club” related items.

The game 'One Room' produced by Midori and the games that appeared are on display.

Each script is like this.

A lot of cardboard on the other side of the passage.

These are all from “After School Dice Club”. It is said that 5 to 6 cardboards will be used in one episode. The finished portion is stored in a separate warehouse so that it can be returned when needed.

In addition to the conference room, there was also a meeting space where you could have a short meeting.

There is still a lot of paper on the shelves because it is still a lot of paper.

There are cases where the color of the correction paper varies depending on the work. In the “After School Dice Club”, such color coding was done. The store manager watches with a stern look.

In addition, paper and writing utensils.

Eraser & pencil

14 kinds of colored pencils

This is a little more office-related item.

Various color pens

There is plenty of stock here as well.

There are plenty of items essential for production, such as tapes, shipping slips, and various documents.

Behind this shelf is Mr. Hashimoto's desk, which was the producer's producer and guided the studio. There are a lot of materials related to the work.

Then, I thought what the people actually drawing in the studio look like ... But since the production work for 'After School Dice Club' has already been completed, see 'Working' Could not. Sorry.

The drawing machine used by Yukiko Ibe, the character design and general drawing director.

I had Mr. Ibe show me illustrations for communication and notes that he drew when working. This is Miki by Ibe.

Midori & Aya & Miki are good friends.

Crispy and clear midori painted in the first episode of the first episode.

Many deformed characters appear in the memo of Episode 4.

Expressive Aya feels good with any deformation.

This is the number of stories in the second half.

The last is Miki & Deformer Midori Aya Emilia.

The TV anime “After School Dice Club” with characters drawn by Mr. Ibe's hands will finally conclude today at TOKYO MX on Thursday, December 19, 2019. Please enjoy your eyes until the end.

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