I tried playing a board game “PIECE o 'CAKE more whip!” That develops a psychological battle that is not sweet with a sweet and delicious cake

When cutting a round whole cake, it is very difficult to

divide evenly if it is odd or prime to cut it into two or four. ' PIECE o 'CAKE more whip! ' Is a board game on the theme of cake cutting. Contrary to its sweet appearance, it seems that it is cut evenly, and the advanced psychology of 'how to increase your share' The GIGAZINE editorial department tried to evenly divide the cake because it was a game that forced a fight.

'PIECE o 'CAKE more whip!'-B2FGames

◆ Photo review
The package contains delicious mango and strawberry cakes based on dark blue.

There is a variety of cakes besides the cakes drawn on the package.

The number of players is 2 to 5, the target age is 8 years old and the play time is assumed to be 20 minutes.

The contents are 57 cake tiles and a manual.

There are eight kinds of cake tiles, 9 blueberries, 7 white peaches, 3 marrons, 10 strawberries, 11 chocolates, 8 matcha, 5 framboise, and 4 mangoes.

Realistic illustrations are drawn like cakes on the cake tiles, and it is likely that your stomach will decrease just by looking at it. The number written on the cake tile indicates the number of cake tiles. For example, 10 strawberry cakes have the word '10'.

The back has a tart-like design.

It is as thick as a 1-yen coin, and has good strength.

11 cake tiles form a hole when arranged.

◆ I played with four people
This time, I played the game with four editorial staff. First, shuffle the 57 cake tiles well and divide them into five bundles of eleven each.

The remaining 2 cards are removed from the game with their face down.

Next, decide on a cake carer. The carpenter chooses one of the five cake tiles and turns it clockwise one by one from the top. Because the picture of the cake is so real, some editorial staff say, 'I am hungry.'

After arranging the cake, the carpenter cuts the cake into the number of players. At least one piece per player is divided so that the cake tiles are distributed, but the carpenter will choose the cake at the end, so that even the little cake you choose will be evenly priced. You have to be careful.

When carving is complete, take the carved cake in order from the player to the left of the carver.

The cake you get is decided to “eat” or “keep it”. For cakes that you decide to eat, place the cake tiles face down.

In the case of 'eat', the number of whip drawn on the cake tile will be the score of the player. Eat cake tiles must not face up until the end of the game.

Leave the cake that you decide to “keep” face-up so that other players know the type and number of cakes.

You can get the number of points written on the tip of the cake tile for the cake tile that you decide to save. However, only players who have the most cake tiles can get points. For example, if you have 11 chocolate cakes, only the player with the most chocolate cake tiles will get 11 points.

At the beginning of the game, most editorial staff chose 'reserve' because 'reserve' had higher points at the end of the game than 'eat'.

After each player has taken the cake and decided to “eat” and “keep it”, the player to the left of the carpenter will be the new carpenter, and will again select the cake bundles and arrange them in a hall shape. This procedure is repeated for 5 bundles. At the end of the game, the points of the cake that is “eat” and the cake that is “retained” are added together, and the player with the highest score wins.

At first, the editorial staff who licked, 'Isn't it okay to split the cake into four?' Was facing the cake with an expression that seemed to be painful when he became the carer. The point of caring for the cake that you do not want is to give your enemy the advantage and you want, but it is very difficult to achieve both.

As everyone struggled with how to cut the cake, a runaway cutter cut 8: 1: 1: 1.

Of course, the left side of the carving clerk will wipe out eight sheets. If there are children or beginners in the players, it may be a good idea to do this kind of handicap.

If you can carefully observe the cakes of all the players and find a cake that no one has collected, you can also get a score by selecting 'Reserve' at the end of the game, even if you have only one cake tile.

So, eating a cake with a high tendency to “reserve”, an editorial staff who steadily collected cakes with a low tendency to “reserve” in the second half earned a high score, won 40 points and won the victory Was.

Because of the shape of the cake tiles, it was very difficult to mix using methods such as

Hindu shuffle and overhand shuffle , which are often used for shuffling cards ...

It is recommended to mix the cake tiles in a

wash shuffle or a deal shuffle . If the cake tiles do not mix well ...

Sometimes a hall with three or more pieces of the same cake is completed. The carpenter was very concerned about how to cut the strawberry cake, which would get a high score if collected by 'keep it', so that it would not be distributed to other players. Dare to play without mixing the cake tiles, which can be interesting as a spice for the game.

For example, I cut it like this.

First, an editorial staff who selects a cake. They collect matcha, blueberries, and chocolate, so any of them looks great ...

Looking around, you are losing to the enemy by the number of chocolate blueberries, so either take a cake containing two chocolates and increase matcha, or take a cake containing two blueberries and prepare white peaches It was a very annoying choice to hinder the player.

Before playing 'PIECE o 'CAKE more whip!', I was wondering, 'Will it be a game just to divide the cake equally?' The result was betrayed. In particular, the fact that the carer chooses the cake at the end is a great bargain in play. Despite the simple rules, the psychological warfare of how to leave the cake you want to take and how to let the opponent take the decoy cake has become a highly complete game that makes it difficult to come up with a winning strategy and it is a difficult game. Was.

There are many situations where the game is exciting, such as when arranging and cutting cakes, when choosing cakes, and the lucky factor is high, so it is a characteristic that the difference between advanced and beginners is hardly created. In addition, there was no obstacle to the opponent player, so it was a fun and peaceful game to play with anyone. However, the editorial staff who actually played said, 'Because there are three or more players, peaceful air is born, and if you play one-on-one, you will start a tactical reading and killing battle ...?' There was also an opinion.

The price of 'PIECE o 'CAKE more whip!' Was 2000 yen including tax, and Amazon.co.jp was available for purchase at 1980 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

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