A report investigating what is frequently stolen at hotels such as `` customers tend to steal luxury mattresses at 5-star hotels '' will be released


Eunice Stahl

Wellness Heaven , a hotel and spa evaluation service, conducted an unusual study: “What is the most frequently stolen hotel room?” The study shows that in luxury hotels, customers try to steal mattresses more often than other hotels.

Wellness Heaven® | Study: Theft in Hotels – Which items are stolen most frequently?

Wellness Heaven conducted a survey on 1157 managers of 4-star hotels (634 people) and 5-star hotels (523 people), “What is the most frequently stolen hotel room?” It was.

The following graph summarizes the questionnaire results. The most stolen items were towels (77.5%), other bathrobes (65.1%), hangers (49.3%), pens (39.1%), cutlery (33.6%), This is followed by “Cosmetics” (32.8%). What is surprising is that relatively large items such as “tablet computers” (12%), “coffee makers” (6.9%), “TV sets” (6.1%), and “mattresses” (4.2%) are also stolen. .

The most strange stolen items listed in the questionnaire survey are 'general bathroom accessories' including bathroom fixtures, shower heads, toilet seats, drain pipes, and entire washbasins. 'Piano', 'Room number', 'Sauna bench', 'Sound system', etc.

In addition, the type of stolen goods will change considerably depending on the nationality of the guest. For example, German and English guests are said to be relatively “boring” stealing and tend to steal common items such as towels, bathrobes, and cosmetics. In contrast, Austrians tend to steal dishes and coffee makers, Americans steal things like pillows and batteries. Italian guests tend to steal wine glasses, Swiss tenders hair dryers, and French tend to steal TV monitors and remote controls. Dutch guests steal the most practical things, such as light bulbs and toilet paper.

In addition, the results of the survey were categorized by hotel rating, and the results are shown in the graph below. The blue color indicates a 4-star hotel and the green color indicates a 5-star hotel response.

According to the graph, there are 5.5 times more cases of artwork being stolen in a 5-star hotel than in a 4-star hotel. In addition, a 5-star hotel has a blanket (3.9x), tablet computer (8.2x), coffee maker (5.3x), TV set (9x), mattress (8.1x) compared to a 4-star hotel. In many cases, relatively expensive items are subject to theft.

Of particular note is that luxury mattresses worth several thousand euros (hundreds of thousands of yen) have been stolen 8.1 times in 5-star hotels. According to Wellness Heaven, how to steal huge things that are as bulky as mattresses without being noticed by hotel employees is 'a mystery'.

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