I have eaten two new menus such as “Crispy Toro-Ri Cheese Bacon Egg Burger”, a cheerful cheese lover with two crisp & crisp cheddar cheeses

Crispy Tori-Cheese Bacon Egg Burger ” and “ Crispy Cheese Burger ” will be the first from Thursday, December 5, 2019 to fully enjoy cheddar cheese combined with cheddar cheese sauce that melts into crisp cheese baked in crispy Appears in the kitchen. I was wondering what kind of burger was finished with a lot of cheddar cheese, so I actually went to the store and ate it.

Two new cheese burgers for winter only! | First Kitchen


Arrived at the first kitchen. From December 5th, “ Fast Kitchen Wendies ” will also have a new menu, but it ’s “ First Kitchen ” that you can eat crisp Toro-Ri cheese bacon egg burger and “crisp cheese burger”. .

I found a signboard that announced the new menu.

About 5 minutes after ordering, two burgers were brought. Since the wrapping paper is the same, you can't tell which burger is in.

When you open the wrapping paper, it looks like this. The left side where the cheddar cheese sauce overflows is “Crispy cheese bacon egg burger” and the right side is “Crispy cheese burger”.

First of all, let's eat from 'Crispy Tori-Ri Cheese Bacon Egg Burger'.

Looking at the ingredients inside, there was a crisp baked crispy cheese at the top and a mellow cheese sauce, under it lettuce, eggs, bacon and a patty at the bottom.

As soon as you sip a bite, the rich cheddar cheese flavor spreads over your mouth with a crisp texture. Surprisingly, the flavor of the cheddar cheese and the mellow cheddar cheese sauce were finished in a deep flavor. The hearty eggs are satisfying, and the juicy patties and cheddar cheese soaked in the taste are excellent.

Next, “Crispy Cheese Burger” was sampled.

This is a crispy burger with two pieces of cheddar cheese sauce, lettuce and crisp.

When you eat it, the presence of crisp savory cheddar cheese is intensifying at once, instead of the crisp richness of cheddar cheese sauce compared to “Crispy Toro-Ri Cheese Bacon Egg Burger”. Because the ingredients are simple, this is a dish for those who want to enjoy the crisp texture and aroma of cheddar cheese as if it were a snack.

“Crispy Toro-Ri Cheese Bacon Egg Burger” is 430 yen including tax, and “Crispy Cheese Burger” is 390 yen including tax, and is sold in first kitchens nationwide.

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