It turned out that tweets including iPhone encryption key were deleted as `` violation of copyright law ''

by Przemyslaw Marczynski

It has been reported that a security researcher's 'tweet containing the iPhone encryption key' has been filed for deletion under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Tweets are temporarily deleted based on the application, and some iPhone security researchers are strongly criticizing the application.

Apple Used the DMCA to Take Down a Tweet Containing an iPhone Encryption Key-VICE

On December 8, 2019, security researcher Siguza tweeted on Twitter a string that appears to be an encryption key used to reverse engineer the iPhone Secure Enclave Processor .

Then, on December 10, two days after the tweet, it turned out that Kilpatrick Townsend , a major law firm, applied to Twitter for removal based on DMCA. Twitter immediately accepted the removal request and temporarily removed Mr. Siguza's tweets.

DMCA Takedown Notice (Tweet) :: Notices :: Lumen

Since Kilpatrick Townsend was involved in Apple's legal case in the past, some users appeared to speculate that 'this removal request was due to Apple.' However, according to Motherboard of technical media, Apple itself withdrew this removal application, and tweets deleted by Apple's application were revived.

In August 2019, Apple sued Corellium, a startup company that sold software that can virtualize iPhones, and some security researchers said, `` White hackers looking for iPhone vulnerabilities restricted Criticized Apple's lawsuit as

Apple file a lawsuit against a company selling `` perfect copies '' of iOS-GIGAZINE

Apple has long been skeptical about iPhone jailbreaking , and even after new jailbreaking tools have appeared, it has become unusable due to iOS updates. Therefore, some iPhone security researchers are wary that `` Apple is trying to crack down on the iPhone jailbreak community '', information about encryption keys and jailbreak tools infringes copyright I am questioning the interpretation.

At the same time as Mr. Siguza's request for deletion of tweets, a request for deletion based on DMCA was made on a r / jailbreak post on the bulletin board about iPhone jailbreak on a major overseas bulletin board site Reddit.

However, Reddit passed through this removal request, saying, “I don't know who submitted this alleged copyright infringement and the legal basis is poor.” Jailbreak developer Pwn20wnd said, “iPhone jailbreak is completely legal in DMCA, and jailbreaking tools are legal as well. Apple abuses the authority over legal issues,” Apple said. I strongly criticized it after judging it.

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