I have eaten at the sukiya the changing sphere of the classic menu `` Sichuan style beef suki nabe set meal '' where the bridegroom and chili stimulate the mouth

At the same time as Sukiya's standard winter item “ Beef Suki- nabe Set ”, Sichuan-style “ Shikawa- style Beef Suki-nabe Set ” was added on Wednesday, December 11, 2019. I was curious to see how spicy beef suki-nabe was made with flowers and chili peppers.

'Beef suki-nabe set meal' 'Sichuan-style beef suki-nabe set meal' December 11 (Wednesday) from 9:00 am | Sukiya


Arrived at Sukiya.

At the store, there was a banner that appealed the new menu “Shikawa-style beef suki-nabe set meal”.

Immediately, I will order “Shikawa-style beef suki-nabe set meal” (830 yen).

Special mapo spice and chili oil can be selected according to taste. This time, both were set to the usual “1 spicy”.

The food was delivered in about 10 minutes. “Sichuan-style beef suki-nabe set meal” is a set of beef suki-nabe, rice, rice oil to eat, and maple spice.

The pot contains beef, Chinese cabbage, green onions, tofu and udon. Unlike the normal “beef suki-nabe”, a special dry sauce is used, but it does not look so hot.

The pot that greatly changes the pot is the oil and maki spice that are eaten in this separate dish.

First of all, when you eat without adding toppings, you will feel the hotness of the chili pepper that stimulates the depths of the throat, but the sweetness of the gravy and sukiyaki sauce gives a strong and mild impression.

Let's put the topping. Put the laura you eat in a pot ...

Sprinkle with maple spices.

Heat is applied and the smell of spice spreads and stimulates the nose.

When I ate a lot of chili oil and spices, the spicy spiciness of chili and groom stimulated my mouth, and after a while sweat began to ooze from my forehead. You can feel the sweetness of the sukiyaki sauce in the hotness as you get used to the hotness as you eat. By the time I finished eating, my body was warm and warm, and it was perfect for a cold winter.

“Sichuan style beef suki-nabe set meal” is available for a limited time from December 11, 2019, and is available at Sukiya nationwide stores. The average serving is 830 yen including tax, and the double serving is 1030 yen including tax. It is 730 yen including tax if it is a beef suki-nabe.

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