Samoa authorities arrest a man who was doing propaganda activities for anti-vaccination



Measles in Samoa, which required the vaccination of all the people in order to stem the epidemic (measles), that the man who had done a 'propaganda activities of the anti-vaccination' has been arrested have been reported.

Samoa Observer | Charged anti-vaccine activist facing up to two years

Leading anti-vaxxer jailed as measles death toll rises to 63 in Samoa | Ars Technica

Samoa Observer , the largest news agency in Samoa, announced that the Samoa authorities arrested Suspect Edwin Tamasese on December 5 for 'incitement against the government's vaccination order'.

Tamasese is Samoa's most famous and internationally known anti-vaccine, and is negative to the safety of vaccination, 'Vitamin A and Vitamin C, colloidal silver powder and charcoal replace the vaccine.' I insisted. Tamasese is also known to have responded to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that he had already treated 70 people during the measles epidemic in Samoa.

The Samoan authorities have issued an emergency declaration for measles vaccination, and it is considered a crime to object or block vaccination against others. The Samoa police commented that this arrest was 'continuing anti-vaccine claims despite giving written warnings in advance' and refused bail as 'possible re-offending' I showed my intention. The Samoa observer reports that 'If you are found guilty, you may be sentenced to two years in prison.'

Measles is a very infectious disease that can be infected even if it develops in a developed country where medical care is in place once it develops, and it can be transmitted just by being in the same space as the affected person. The measles mortality rate has been declining worldwide since the spread of measles vaccine vaccination, but recently it is showing signs of an epidemic again. Double. In Africa, it has increased nearly 10 times. The cause is thought to be “anti-vaccineism” that believes that “autism is caused by vaccination” and avoids vaccines.

Infectious disease experts regret that `` the United States falls from its status as a measles eradication country, it is their fault ''-GIGAZINE


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In Samoa, the rate of measles vaccination has fallen to nearly half between 2017 and 2018, and is considered to have an anti-vaccine impact. The measles epidemic, which is said to have occurred since mid-October 2019, is known to have killed 4357 people and 63 dead as of December 5. 55 of the deaths were young children aged 0-4.

The Samoa government made it mandatory for all citizens to receive measles vaccinations: 'If there are people who have not yet taken the vaccine, raise a red flag so they can be seen at a glance.'

'A house with people who have not been vaccinated should raise a red flag,' the Samoa government recommends-GIGAZINE

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