Headline news on 9th December 2019

The 2nd key visual of the latest TV animation “

BNA BNA ”, produced by TRIGGER, a new animation studio with a big hit of the original animated movie “ Promea ” has been released.

Depicted is a scene in which the main character of this work, the raccoon beast, Michie Kagemori, dribbling out the god beast who dislikes human beings, and Shiro Okami.

© 2020 TRIGGER / Kazuki Nakajima / BNA BNA Production Committee

The cast of the main character has also been lifted.

It is Mr. Sumire Morohoshi who plays Michiru.

Since BNA is an original work, I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of storyline it will be, what kind of facial expression and movement will appear on the screen, and I want to play fast! It was full of feelings.
―Enthusiasm for performance
Michiru is a girl who is always natural and has her own thoughts and core. I would like to face every single play as I am inspired by the appearance of hitting everything in front of me.

The role of Shiro is Hosoya Yoshimasa.

I'm really thankful and honored to be able to work with the screenwriter Kazuki Nakajima and to play as Sumire Moroboshi. I felt something interesting from the time of the audition and I am really happy to be involved.
―Enthusiasm for performance
Carefully and soft. Bold and irresponsible. I want to make a character called “Shiro” by trying various things and exploring possibilities. Please look forward to the broadcast.

Michiru's best friend and idol aspiring girl, Natsuna Hiwatari plays Maria Nagana.

I was really surprised. Immediately after receiving the notification of the decision, I re-read the NANANA setting materials I had received at the time of the audition again. If you look desperately, such as facial expressions, Nizuna, Michiru, but I was really looking forward to the dubbing how BNA will be.
―Enthusiasm for performance
I would like to play happily one episode at a time so that I can express the emotions of a girl named Nazuna as delicately as possible! I will do my best! Thank you!

Sylvasta Pharmaceutical's young CEO Alan Silvasta is Kishijin Ishikawa.

I'm Ishikawa and I will play Alain. I was surprised when I contacted you that it was decided as Alan. I was suddenly received that day, so I was full of anxiety, but I was relieved to hear the title of this work as good news.
―Enthusiasm for performance
Alain is still a mystery and I am often not even informed of it, so I look forward to seeing his personality with each round. And I will eat as much as I can to follow his thoughts so as not to miss every throw.

In addition, director Yoshinari Yoshinari and Kazuki Nakajima, who form the first tag in this work, have announced the following comments.

Director Yoshinari:
(The feelings put into the title 'BNA BNA')
BNA has BRAND NEW ANIMAL in the title, but it can be either BEAST NEW AGE, BEING NEO ANIMAL, or BEAST and DNA synthesis. However, it is common in the sense of a new being that can change into anything. The biggest thought in the title is liberation from various captives, and I hope everyone who has seen the main story will feel it.

Mr. Kazuki Nakajima:
(Feelings put into the work 'BNA BNA')
Everyone knows that Yoshinari's anime is amazing. This time, we are in the stance of how much power he can give to what he wants to do. I think I can make something new that is different from the work I made with Director Imagishi with TRIGGER. Please expect.

“BNA BNA” will be aired on Fuji TV's anime broadcast “+ Ultra” from April 2020. It will be broadcast on BS Fuji.

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