Card game `` Margot '' play review to rescue the fairies drawn with beautiful illustrations and recover the lost story

Margot is a game that aims to rescue the story lost by the witch and the king of humans and gain more victory points, while saving a beautiful fairy with various abilities that was once a subject of awe and respect. . Each fairy has different abilities, and the strategy and development of the game will change greatly each time depending on the combination of the fairy to be rescued. I played with the editorial department to see what it looked like.

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The box of 'Margot' looks like this, with an illustration of a fairy full of fantasy.

The number of players is 1-4, the estimated playing time is 15-60 minutes, and the target age is 8 years old or older.

When I opened the box, there was a board with numbers written, four colored pawns, a deck card list, instructions, and four types of decks.

In the world of `` Margot '', a witch and a human king who scorned the fairy who gathers awe and dignity, stealing the `` story '' describing the fairy and the fairy itself, trying to make the fairy disappear I will. The remaining fairy explores witches and human castles in order to regain the stolen fairy and story and to convey the fairy's existence forever.

Here is the ' story ' card that describes the fairy. The basic game flow is to search inside the castle for these cards. You need a 'story' card to rescue the fairy and get victory points.

In the castle, there are cards of ' soldiers ' and ' mage ' cards, which are the enemies of the fairy. There is a penalty if the total number of wounds exceeds 5.

There are two types of 'castle' decks, ' Human Castle ' and ' Witch's Castle ', which can be searched simultaneously. The composition of the cards is slightly different between 'Human Castle' and 'Witch Castle'.

This is the ' fairy ' card to be rescued. When you rescue, you will get victory points only in the number in the red frame part. After being rescued, you will be able to help the player. Each fairy has different abilities, so a good combination of abilities is the key to a game strategy.

Some fairies have the ability of `` creation '' that can turn into a `` story '' card if certain conditions are met ...

Also we have to have the ability to 'ban surgery' which can exert a powerful effect instead of resulting in wounds and use.

To rescue the fairy, you need to collect the 'story' cards of the same color next to the name of the 'fairy' card. In the case of the following 'chess fairy', a red, blue, and gray (arbitrary color) story card is required.

Now that you know the approximate card, let's play alone. The first deck layout looks like this, with two “castle” decks on the right. Place 'Human's Castle' in the back and 'Witch's Castle' in the foreground according to the positional relationship in the card list. In the center is a space called a ' place ' where you put the cards you have explored and drawn from the 'castle' deck.

The right side of the 'castle' deck is called ' phantom ', and the card placed here is treated as if it does not exist.

On the left side, the 'Fairy' deck cards are placed face down, and the 'Flower Fairy' cards are placed face down under them. The 'Flower Fairy' card can be rescued from any color 'Story' card, which is different from the normal 'Fairy' card.

The board and pawn with the numbers are used to record the victory points. Place the pawn where the number of victory points is written. The ending depends on the color of the pawn you choose.

First, draw two cards from the 'Fairy' deck.

Choose the fairy of your choice from the two and keep it in your hand. Fairies not chosen are not used in the game.

Place the pawn on the victory board because the chosen fairy has a victory point.

Next, draw three cards from the 'Fairy' deck and turn them face up next to the deck. These cards are called “ supply ”, and in addition to these three fairies, the “flower fairy” card becomes a rescuable fairy.

Once you're ready, move on to the game. In the ' Exploration Phase ' where you search for cards in the 'Castle' deck, draw cards from your favorite 'Castle' deck.

The first one was fortunate enough to draw a 'story' card.

Cards drawn from the 'Castle' deck are arranged in the following manner. It is necessary to arrange them so that you can tell which card was drawn from the upper or lower castle deck. After drawing four cards from the 'Castle' deck, there are now two 'Soldier' cards in the 'Field', and the scratches are now in a state of 2.

Here the effect of the 'artificial flower fairy' selected by you is activated. The effect of 'Artificial Flower Fairy' is ' Automatic ', so if it meets the conditions, it will continue to be activated automatically during the turn.

The effect says, 'If the card to be placed on the field is the second or subsequent wound 1 card in the castle, you may invalidate that card before placing it.'

Shift the 'Soldier' card you just drawn to the center and disable it . If you disable it, it will not be counted as a wound, so your wound will be in the state of 1.

Unfortunately, when I explored the 'Castle' deck and drew another card, I ended up with a 'Mage' card. You will get a penalty when the total number of wounds reaches 5, so you want to do something.

Here we take a “break”. 'Break' can be performed only once during the turn, and you can deactivate as many scratch cards as you like. If you want to invalidate, you can move the soldier or mage card up and down as follows. With no scratches, draw cards from the deck and continue exploring.

Several times repeated search, three 'story' card of the blue, and one 'story' cards of red and purple, respectively, because the 'story' card has gathered enough, to migrate to the 'rescue phase'.

In the 'Rescue Phase', you need to invalidate the 'Story' card that you have searched for and rescue one fairy. Only one fairy can be rescued at a time.

This time, rescue a “chess fairy” who needs a “story” card of red, blue and any color, and get 2 victory points.

Cards not used to rescue the fairy will receive one victory point for every two cards.

In this turn, you have rescued the 'Fair of Chess' and gained two victory points, and one victory point because two 'story' cards were not used, leaving three victory points in total. did. The total number of victory points thus far has been increased to 5, along with the first victory point of 2.

At the end of the turn, all wound counts, fields and illusions will be reset. To start your next turn, return the 'Castle' card from play or vision to your deck and shuffle.

Since you have rescued a fairy from the supply, you will replenish a new fairy from the 'fairy' deck.

In his second turn, he encounters a 'knight' card after a 'story' card.

Here, the effect of the rescued 'Chess Fairy' is activated. The effect of 'Chess Fairy' is ' Activate ', so if you use it once, it will be invalidated during the turn and cannot be used. Activate the ability to 'Choose one story of the field and invalidate it, or put it in a phantom . Then select one card of the field and invalidate it or put it in a phantom' ...

After placing the 'Story' card on 'Phantom', put the 'Knight' aside as 'Phantom'. The two cards are now treated as missing during this turn.

When I was thinking about searching again, I quickly got 5 wounds.

If the number of wounds is 5 or more, you will receive a penalty of `` Invalid one if there is a valid story in the field '' `` (In the case of multiple players) Other players get 1 victory point '' `` Proceed to the rescue phase '' In this case, there is no effective 'story' card to rescue the fairy. In that case, rescue the “ flower fairy ”. `` Flower fairy '' is a special card that can rescue all `` story '' cards or rescue even if there is no `` story '' card, so it will not be a situation that `` fairy can not be rescued ... '' Hmm.

With such a feeling, we will repeat the play of searching for the castle while using the effect of the rescued fairy so that the number of scratches does not exceed 5 while collecting 'story' cards.

Repeating the turn and increasing the number of rescued fairies will make it possible to create combos by combining the effects of the fairies. After disabling three `` Soldier '' cards by combining the effects of `` flower fairy '' and `` artificial flower fairy '' ...

Activate the effect of the rescued 'ink fairy'. The effect of 'Ink Fairy' is ' Creation ', and if there are three or more cards disabled in the field, you can move 'Ink Fairy' to the field from your own and use it as a 'story' card You.

Create a 'story' card by putting the 'ink fairy' into play. The “fairy” card used for creation returns to the hand at the end of the turn.

Then, all soldiers that have been disabled using the “Book Fairy” effect are moved to “Phantom”. If you have 3 or more cards in 'Phantom', you can get 1 victory point. At this point, there are 3 cards in 'Phantom', so get 1 victory point.

However, the effect of 'Book Fairy' is ' Prohibition ', so if you use it, your wound will increase by one.

Repeat until you have six fairy creatures, with different endings depending on the final victory.

This time I chose the green pawn, so look at the ending behind the green card list. With 14 victory points, we reached the ending, 'Fairies snuggle up and comfort each other. Dreaming of a day when hope will regain hope.' The ending depends on the color and victory you choose.

Playing alone, it was an impression that it was `` a game for expert who knows all of the cards and deliberately deliberately '', but I was worried what would happen if there were a large number of players, so I actually tried playing with four editorial staff To that. The rules and progress of the game are no different than when you are alone.

One of the members of the editorial team suddenly took a break by drawing a powerful enemy card, 'Mage', but then continued to draw enemies in quick succession. Other editorial staff said, `` Let's think we have exhausted bad cards first, '' `` I can not draw so much enemies! '', And recklessly searched the castle ...

I drew the card of 'The Witch of Fools' and the number of scratches became 6.

Another editorial staff seemed to be good at invalidating the `` soldier '' card with the effect of `` artificial flower fairy '', but encountered a special enemy card that activated `` soldier '' called `` indomitable king '' The sad result is that the wound reaches the upper limit in an instant.

Some editors think about combinations of rescued fairies and make combos well. At the beginning of the turn, activate the effect of `` Compass Fairy '', invalidate the two cards from the top of `` Castle '' deck and place them in place ...

Activate the 'Story' card, which was disabled earlier, using the 'Fairy of the Door' effect. In addition, the 'fairy of the door' itself is transformed into a 'story' card by creation. In a good moment of playing two 'story' cards in a single moment, all of them said, 'Is there such a combo ...?'

Some editorial staff came to the point where they could use the 'fairy' card in a timely manner to search the castle.

When I played 'Margot' with multiple people, the relationship with the opponent player in the game was only the victory point at the time of the penalty, so even with multiple people, together with 'Story Card Kitter!' Impressive impression. Afraid of the penalty victory coming into the opponent when the wound becomes 5 or more, he may take a different strategy than 'I will stop here'. The rules are easy to learn just by repeating the turn a few times, so I felt that it was very suitable for beginners who want to enjoy board games.

In the early stages, there are few fairies to be on your side, so you can only take a limited number of actions. However, as the rescued fairies increase in the second half, the range of strategies you can take is more and more exciting. It is a game where all players can enjoy the thrill of repeating the exploration by analyzing the remaining cards in the 'Castle' deck while comparing the cards in the field with the card list while considering the compatibility of the effects of the fairy.

'Margot' is on sale at for 2673 yen including tax.

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