A movie that captures the true nature of `` a mysterious phenomenon where the messy desk tops are organized every night '' played 4,403 million times



A man of a former electrician who suffered from the mysterious phenomenon that `` the desk top that should have been messed up on the previous day is cleaned up overnight '' when installing a surveillance camera, the appearance of an unexpected criminal It has become a topic that was caught.

Vigilante shed cleaner revealed to be house proud mouse | Metro News

72-year-old Steven Mackers, who lives in the southwestern part of England, has left his work desk away from his home after working as an electrician. However, Mr. McCarts once had screws and machine parts that had been scattered on the desk the night before, in the ice cream empty box that he used to organize the parts the next day. I notice that I am being deceived. Mr. Mackers finally wondered if he heard his child who lived with him, and thought that he had finally cleared his desk unconsciously.

The mysterious phenomenon continued for more than a month, and I was afraid that my family was a ghost, so Mr. McCards asked Mr. Rodney Holbrook, a neighbor and long-time friend, to install a

trail camera with motion sensor. As a result, we succeeded in putting the identity of the criminal who was cleaning his desk every night into a movie.

The movie of the criminal who cleaned up Mr. McCarts' desk every night can be seen from the following.

House-proud mouse caught on camera tidying garden shed | SWNS TV-YouTube

The camera that was activated around 2:30 midnight caught a single rat, not a psychic phenomenon.

When the mouse adds a screw on the desk ...

Into an empty ice cream box.

When you get out of the box, lift another part ...

A part like a valve is used as a foothold to go up to the edge and put it in the box.

Elliptical parts are hung on the body for dexterity.

A heavy metal plate ...

Also put away a metal bar as long as your body.

After 2 minutes, the desk was much cleaner.

Mr. Mackers calls this mouse 'Brexit Mouse'. The reason for this is that it seems to be stagnating in preparation for Brexit. About one week after elucidating the facts of the incident, Mr. Mackers, who responded to the coverage of the local Southwest News Service , said, “He is still busy.”

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