Claims that plant-based artificial meat is super-processed `` just like dog food ''

“Alternative meat / artificial meat” that can enjoy the taste and scent of real meat, even though it does not use animal meat such as beef and pork as raw materials, is becoming popular. However, a campaign was started to point out that such artificial meat is a super-processed imitation like dog food and unhealthy.

5 Chemicals Lurking in Plant-Based Meats-Center for Consumer Freedom-Center for Consumer Freedom

Fake Meat vs. Real Meat-The New York Times

Plant-based burgers are “ultra-processed” like dog food, meat-backed ads say | Ars Technica

The New York Times reported that the non-profit Center for Consumer Freedom has been running full-scale advertising of anti-artificial meat in newspapers such as the New York Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal over the past few weeks. about. In newspaper advertisements, questions such as “What is hidden in the plant-based meat you eat?” “Vegetarian burger or dog food?” Were asked. Will Coggin, head of the Center for Consumer Freedom, also notes that a study published in May 2019 showed that super-processed meat was associated with weight gain.



The popularity of artificial meat like “Impossible Burger” has been remarkable in recent years, and McDonald's , Kentucky and Burger King are also actively incorporating artificial meat into the menu. You can find out what kind of food plant-based artificial meat is by reading the following article.

Artificial meat `` Beyond Burger '' and `` Impossible Burger '' that reproduced the flavor, taste, and texture of meat at the molecular level were amazing if you actually baked and eat it-GIGAZINE

Artificial meat is expected to take away sales and profits in the meat market, while Tyson Foods, the largest meat company, has announced that it will enter the artificial meat and alternative meat market. This advertising campaign, which has a negative impression on artificial meat, is seen as a different strategy from the meat industry.

In fact, whether artificial meat is healthier than real meat is a subtle issue, and is said to vary depending on how and how often you eat meat. Artificial meat contains canola oil, refined coconut oil, cocoa butter, etc. It contains a lot of saturated fatty acids that are said to increase the risk of heart disease, and sodium is also used in the manufacturing process. Recent research has pointed out that super-processed foods are related to health problems such as obesity and metabolic syndrome, and artificial meat also points to health problems as super-processed foods.

However, the relationship between health problems and super-processed foods is not completely understood, and in addition to food nutrients, there are doubts about the relationships between people's lifestyles and preferences. In addition, the lack of a definition of “super-processed food” is one of the problems that cause confusion in research. In general, super-processed foods are said to be 'multi-component and industrially made' such as 'soft drinks, cookies, candy, snacks, ice cream, breakfast cereals, frozen foods'. The food industry has become more sophisticated and needs a new definition. Artificial meat was not included in the research on super-processed food conducted by the National Institutes of Health (PDF file) , but Coggin did not mention this point.

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On the other hand, Pat Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods, said, `` It is not our goal to convince consumers that Impossible Burgers are healthy, '' and it is more vegetable than burgers using cows. The artificial meat is only a good choice for the earth and for you. Brown also tells the New York Times that he sees a negative campaign from the meat industry as a manifestation of their success.

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