Microsoft may be planning a diskless terminal on the next generation Xbox

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In June 2019, Microsoft announced ' Project Scarlett ', a next-generation Xbox development project. Game-based media Kotaku reports that the next-generation Xbox developed by Project Scarlett is also developing a “diskless terminal” that does not have a disk media drive.

Sources: Microsoft Is Still Planning A Cheaper, Disc-Less Next-Gen Xbox

As of December 2018, rumors have been whispered that `` Lockhart '' which is a diskless model as a successor of Xbox One S and `` Anaconda '' which is a successor of high-end model Xbox One X are being developed It was.

Rumors about Microsoft's next-generation game strategy, such as Microsoft's next-generation Xbox `` Anaconda & Lockhart ''-GIGAZINE

In June 2019, Microsoft announced Project Scarlett. The next-generation Xbox developed by Project Scarlett is equipped with AMD Zen 2 architecture CPU and Radeon RDNA architecture GPU, 8K support, high-speed SSD installed, 120fps support, ray tracing support, etc. Announced to maintain compatibility with the series. The contents of this Project Scarlett were almost the same as Anaconda, which was rumored so far.
Microsoft announces `` Project Scarlett '' of next generation Xbox development project, appeared in 2020 with 8K, ultra high speed SSD, ray tracing support-GIGAZINE

And in May 2019, the diskless model Xbox One S All-Digital Edition was actually released, and it was thought that only these two game consoles were developed by Microsoft.

However, an anonymous game developer told Kotaku, “Lockhart is continuing as a low-priced version of the next-generation Xbox developed at Project Scarlett and will be the next generation of diskless models.” Developers also testify that Lockhart has an SSD with the latest CPU. However, detailed specifications such as CPU clock speed and cooling system are unknown until the Lockhart specification is finally decided.

Kotaku is eager for game download distribution and cloud game streaming, such as Microsoft launching Project xCloud and Xbox Game Pass , Microsoft developed Lockhart from a development project of a simple low-priced game machine, development of a diskless next generation Xbox I think there is a high probability of being promoted to a project.

A Microsoft spokesperson responded to Kotaku's question: “We will not comment on rumors or surveys”.

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