When evaluating the beauty of the breast, it turns out that both men and women are looking at the same place



A study that analyzed the gaze when looking at breasts using eye tracking technology has found that there is little difference between men and women in the way they assess breasts.

Analysis of the Visual Perception of Female Breast Aesthetic ...: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Orthopedic surgeon Pyotr Pietrski, who works for a graduate education and medical center in Poland, said in a paper in a peer-reviewed medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery : However, due to its subjective nature, the concept of “attractive breasts” is not well defined, and there is no reliable standardized evaluation criterion. ” Therefore, the research group of Mr. Pietorski et al. Analyzed the 'visual perception of breast beauty and symmetry' through experiments using eye tracking technology and objectively investigated what kind of breasts are attractive. I made it.

The research group first created a total of eight breast 3D models that modeled four breast sizes from A to D cups and four graded breasts .

Next, a total of 100 participants, 50 males and 50 females, observed each 3D model for 30 seconds from the front, 45 degrees, and just beside it. Observed The experiment was conducted twice using the same model, and participants were asked to be aware of “Beauty of the Breast” the first time and “Symmetry of the Breast” the second time.

In the experiment, we defined that we looked at the same place for more than 100 milliseconds as “consciously staring” and analyzed where the line of sight gathered in the breast. The result is the

heat map below. The left side of each 3D model is the evaluation result by the female, and the right side is the evaluation result by the male.

From this result, the research group found that “the most important parts of breast beauty and symmetry assessment are the nipple areola complex (the areola with nipple) and the lower part of the breast”. In the figure below, among the parts that are color-coded in blue, “NAC” is the “papillary areola complex” and “IMF” is the “lower breast”. On the other hand, parts that have hardly been evaluated have been discovered. “Surprisingly, the upper part of the breast did not attract the viewer's attention, and the area of the neck, side, and collarbone was found to have little impact on the visual assessment of the breast, This part may be omitted in future experiments. '

The study group concluded that although gender differences were seen in the interest in several areas, the gaze pattern of women and men was essentially the same, and the gender evaluation was an attractive breast assessment. I indicated that there is no difference.

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