`` Tasteful maple soup '' tasting review where you can easily enjoy authentic soup with vending machines

Typical soups that can be bought at vending machines are corn potage and consommé soup, but authentic Chinese-style soup `` Umagi Mapo Soup '' that can only be purchased only with vending machines of acure is December 3, 2019 (Tuesday) ) Has appeared. I actually tried drinking it to see how it tastes like canned soup.

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“Umagi Mapo Soup” is a soup drink that can be purchased at vending machines. The theme is 'Authentic spicy soup' that you can drink easily.

Soup is made from soy soba.

The ingredients will sink, so it is recommended to shake well before drinking.

It is a soup made from soy bean instead of meat, but it contains pork extract and chicken extract, so it is not “no animal protein”.

Calories are 39 kcal per 190g

When opened, it smells a little garlic.

Pour onto a plate to check the contents.

At first glance simple soup because ingredients are sinking.

When I scooped the ingredients from the bottom, it contained soy beans and peppercorns.

When you drink it, you can feel the tanginess of the chili pepper and the flavor of the oyster sauce. The soup is made with chicken flavor and soy milk, so the back is mild. Soy soboro is small but has a sense of eating “meat”. It's not so hot, it's a warm soup that gets warmer as you continue to drink, so it was just right to fill your stomach in the cold season.

You can purchase 'Umpri Satsuma Soup' at vending machines in JR East stations, and the price is 140 yen including tax.

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