The sale price of the “.org” domain turned out to be over 120 billion yen, experts pointed out that “the sale price is too cheap”



The ' .org ' domain used mainly by non-profit organizations and schools was sold to Ethos Capital , a new investment company, and the previously undisclosed sale price was over 120 billion yen Has been published. With this information, experts predict that the registration fee for “.org” will almost certainly be increased.

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In November 2019, the Public Interest Registry (PIR), a non-profit organization that manages '.org', was sold to Ethos Capital, a newly established investment company. This sale happened immediately after

the upper limit of the registration fee that PIR could charge the registrar of a domain registrar was lifted, and it has become a riot to start a counter-signature activity by volunteers.

The activity of signing against the fact that the management organization of the `` .org '' domain was sold to an investment company started-GIGAZINE

In addition, behind the sale of the '.org' domain, some people, including Fadi Chehadé , former CEO of the Internet Database for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) , a domain database management organization, were in the dark. It was also reported.

What led to the management of the “.org” domain being sold to an investment company just a few months after its establishment? -GIGAZINE

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In the wake of many expert and institutional blame for the sale, Internet Society (ISOC) and Ethos Capital, PIR's senior organization, announced on 29 November 2019 that `` Ethos Capital has acquired a PIR from ISOC. In order to maintain transparency, we announced the sale price of the PIR that was previously undisclosed. The announced sale price was $ 1,135 million.

ISOC will secure profits by investing and managing the profits obtained from this sale, and the profits will be used for the purpose of 'guaranteeing the open development, progress and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people around the world' That's it. The annual revenue from the investment is expected to be almost the same as that received from the PIR so far, and the sale explained that the ISOC is 'independent of one company, one source of revenue.'


IT news site iTnews said about the newly discovered sale price, 'There are about 1.50 million registrations in the '.org' domain, and the price of about 108 dollars (about 12,000 yen) per domain registration. It is attached. ' At the time of writing, the registration fee for the '.org' domain is $ 10 per year (about 1100 yen), but iTnews predicts that Ethos Capital will increase the domain registration fee.

Lance Wiggs, a former McKinsey & Company consultant and now a venture capitalist, analyzed the deal and commented, “I think it ’s a very bad deal.”

According to Wiggs, ISOC's revenue from PIR in 2018 is about 44 million dollars (about 5 billion yen), and considering the future increase in domain fees, the selling price of 1,135 million dollars is low It is too much. Mr. Wiggs pointed out that it should have added $ 1 billion to $ 2 billion (110 billion to 220 billion yen) if it was originally added to the actual transaction price. Wiggs predicts that Ethos Capital will raise domain registration fees and fees, and that Ethos Capital may sell PIR for $ 4 billion to $ 6 billion (about 440 billion yen to 660 billion yen) in the future. States that there is.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime transaction, and sellers like ISOC don't appear that much,” Wiggs commented. Critics have been raised from within ISOC for this transaction, and ISOC's Netherlands branch said, `` This transaction violated the standards for top-level domain (TLD) management exchanged between ICANN and ISOC in 2002. and are, headquarters of that we should cancel the PIR sale to Ethos Capital ' statement has been announced.



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Firefox developer Mozilla submits a public questionnaire regarding the issue of `` .org '' domain sale-GIGAZINE

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