I have eaten McDonald's chicken McNugget because limited sauces `` Cheese fondue sauce '' `` Omar shrimp sauce '' appeared

At McDonald's, `` Cheese fondue sauce '' and ` ` Omar shrimp sauce '' have appeared as a limited time source of the popular menu `` Chicken McNugget '' from Wednesday, November 27, 2019, and at the same time `` Chicken McNugget 15 Piece '' includes tax 580 We are carrying out a campaign with a special price of 390 yen. Since it is said that it is finished in a gorgeous sauce that matches the New Year's party season, I actually went to eat.

A special price of 390 yen (including tax) for 15% 30% OFF Chicken McNugget ♪ for the first year-end and New Year party season! Two kinds of limited source 'Cheese fondue sauce' and 'Omar shrimp sauce' are also available! Limited sale from November 27 (Wednesday)


Arrived at McDonald's.

The store had a panel to announce the “Chicken Mac Nugget 15 Piece” campaign.

I ordered 'Chicken Mac Nugget 15 Piece', 'Cheese Fondue Sauce' and 'Omar Shrimp Sauce'. “Chicken Mac Nugget 15 pieces” You can only choose up to 3 types of sauce per box, so if you want to enjoy all 4 types together with the classic “Barbecue sauce” and “Mustard sauce”, you need to order additional nuggets.

This time, the “Chicken McNugget 15 Piece” campaign is in progress, and the nugget box has a limited-time design that depicts the “ Mac Nugget family ” and their friends.

On the back is the figure of the Mac Nugget family character having a Christmas party. There are 6 types of boxes, so when you collect and stack them up, it looks like a single apartment.

When you open the box, you will find a pile of chicken mac nuggets.

Click here for the ingredients for Cheese Fondue Sauce. Next to vegetable oils and fats is brewed vinegar, which uses cheese and cheese powder.

The sour smell of brewed vinegar was immediately transmitted when the lid was opened.

When you eat it with sauce, it has a strong flavor like mayonnaise at first, but if you taste it well, you will feel a slight bitterness of cheese. Sour nuggets are added with acidity, and it has a light flavor that allows you to eat as many as you like while enjoying the party.

Next, “Omar shrimp sauce”. The top ingredient is also vegetable oil. Slightly separated include 'shrimp sauce' and 'omar shrimp sauce'.

Try opening the lid. The sauce inside was a reddish yellow with a slight scent of seafood.

When you eat a bite, it is also sour like the “cheese fondue sauce”, but it is a little sour because it contains tomatoes. Gradually, Omar shrimp and chicken flavors spread together in the mouth, creating a surprisingly deep taste.

`` Cheese fondue sauce '' and `` Omar shrimp sauce '' will be offered from November 27, 2019 (Wednesday) to early January 2020, and the `` Chicken McNugget 15 Piece '' campaign will be launched from November 27, 2019 (Wednesday) to 2020 January 7th (Tue).

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