I tried to eat `` Pino '' that was rumored to collaborate with a Japanese restaurant rumored that it was difficult to make a reservation in Japan with `` Pino ''

Bite limited time flavor of ice 'Pinot' of Morinaga Milk Industry 'Pino burned Mitarashi caramel' has emerged from the November 25, 2019 (Monday). The new flavor has

collaborated with `` Kurogi '', a Japanese restaurant that is said to be the most difficult to make reservations in Japan , and it is said that it has a new taste that fuses ice and Japanese cuisine, so let's actually eat and check it It was.

Pinot Sugatarashi Caramel | Pinot Morinaga Milk Industry

I immediately bought 'Pino, Kashigarashi Shitarashi Caramel'. The package is designed with a caramel on the entire surface against the background of an image of Japanese paper.

Japanese food “Kurogi” is a cooking restaurant in Shiba Daimon, where Jun Kuroki “collects the best ingredients, techniques and knowledge from all over the country to create a sophisticated dish that combines spirit and sensibility”.

It looks like this when comparing the new flavor and the normal Pinot box. The new flavor package has a high-class Japanese design.

Here is a list of raw material names. The type of ice cream is

ice milk .

Since the calorie per grain is 33kcal, the calorie per box of 6 grains is 198kcal.

When you open the box, 6 ice cubes are lined up and one pig is included.

There was a message from Kuroki of “Kurogi” on the back of the lid.

When comparing the appearance of the burnt caramel taste (left) and the normal Pinot (right), the color of the chocolate that surrounds the burnish caramel taste is lighter, and the color of the attached pick is dark blue It is.

If you cut it in half, you can see that the ice cream inside is dark brown.

When you try a pinot with a charred caramel flavor, the flavor of the soy sauce and the sweetness of the caramel are balanced in a balanced way, and you feel like you are eating a Japanese dessert. The sweetness of chocolate does not interfere with the Japanese flavor of ice at all, so you can fully enjoy the depth of ice. Because it contains soy milk in ice cream, it has a sweet and clean aftertaste.

“Pino Smoke Shitashi Caramel” is available for sale for 180 yen tax from November 25, 2019 (Monday).

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