JJ Abrams reveals how Star Wars / Dawn of Skywalker drew to eBay

Responsible for the script, production and supervision of the movie “ Star Wars: Dawn of Skywalker ” scheduled to be released on Friday, December 20, 2019, on eBay on the Internet auction site J.J. Abrams revealed.

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“Star Wars / Dawn of Skywalker”, the last episode of the Star Wars sequel that started from “ Star Wars / The Force Awakens ” released in 2015, was released in December 2019 The

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Mark Hamill, the role of Luke Skywalker, said that the script of 'Dawn of Skywalker' was handled as strictly as unprecedented in the past, but in the news and information program 'Good Morning America' Director J.J. Abrams, who appeared for the promotion of 'Dawn of Skywalker', revealed that the script was being put on eBay.

JJ Abrams said, “I turned the screenplay under the bed of the performers, but I don't say anyone, but one of the actors seems to have forgotten the screenplay. It seems that the script was discovered and exhibited by a room cleaner. '

The screenplay in question was secured by Disney before someone made a successful bid. Also, because the script was printed on non-copyable paper, it seemed that it was not copied and circulated.

The video of director J.J. Abrams appearing on Good Morning America is also available on YouTube and can be checked from the following.

JJ Abrams reveals how the script for 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' almost got leaked l GMA-YouTube

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