Summary of unique ways to drink coffee from around the world that you can see that “coffee is free”

Many people start their day with coffee in the morning, but there are many different types of coffee. There are many unique coffees that use various ingredients such as eggs, cheese, herbs, etc. on YouTube because there are coffees that have evolved uniquely according to the land in each country in the world.

Coffee Around the World-YouTube

First appeared in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.

Coffee is also common in Mexico, but ...

The general household that appeared in the movie has a slightly different way of drinking.

“I drink this coffee when I wake up in the morning, but there ’s no particular timing for people to drink this coffee,” said a woman, Juzi.

Cafe de Oja ” is a traditional way to drink coffee in Mexico. Boiled coffee powder, cinnamon, brown sugar, etc. in traditional pottery.

There is a huge pottery, one and a mug shaped like the pottery.

Juzi's home has coffee powder and fruits.

In addition to cinnamon, it seems to use

panella made by boiling sugar cane.

Crush Panella with a knife ...

Cinnamon tears small.

Fill the pot with ingredients.

The prepared fruit was orange. Juji's recipe uses orange peel.

This way of drinking was created by a female soldier of the Mexican Revolution,

Adelitas , and Juzi says that coffee is very important for Mexico.

Adelitas is said to have made this coffee to give more energy to male soldiers.

In addition, there is a unique coffee in a place called Dima Atarabara in Ethiopia.

A woman who started preparing to cook outside the house.

A woman named Desh Tola started by burning the pot.

Beside making hot water, wash the raw coffee beans thoroughly.

When the washed beans are in a pot ...

It looks like it has been roasted firmly.

Make beans finer in a mortar.

Put hot water and crushed coffee beans in the pot and wait for a while.

Completed when the ingredients of the coffee melt into the hot water. This local coffee is called “Jima Coffee”.

Now go to Sweden.

This woman puts milk in a pot ...

I started with cheese.

Feels like cottage cheese.

Prepare cottage cheese wrapped in newspaper and coffee ...

To a place with great views.

Make a fire ...

Put cheese in a mug ...

I will pour coffee on top of this. This way of drinking coffee is the culture of indigenous and

Sami people living in the Scandinavian Peninsula. In the absence of the refrigerator, milk could not be stored, so a method of storing milk as cheese was born. The Sami people often put cheese in their bags as a snack, and the combination of “coffee and cheese” is something that women have been familiar with since childhood.

The way to eat “warm before eating cheese” seems to be the standard for this woman.

This time to Asia. There is also a unique coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I came to a shop facing the road.

The shop named “DINH13” is run by a man named Ta Duy Koa and his family.

The inside is never wide, but it is crowded with people.

What is the egg used in this shop's coffee?

Add sugar to raw eggs ...

Stir until fluffy.

In the 1970s, Hanoi's economic situation was very bad and supplies were limited. Since milk was only given to children, the sick and the elderly, eggs were used instead of milk.

The combination of “egg instead of milk” seems to have an “unusual taste”, but Koa says that the fluffy taste and sweetness are still “very delicious”.

At Koa's shop, artistic latte art is given to the coffee. The egg coffee itself

can be drunk even in Japan, although it is different from the form that Core offers.

Continue to Turkey and Istanbul.

“In Turkey, coffee is an excuse to invite friends,” says Sihan Jikiguru, who runs a coffee stall.

In a place called Gashientepp in Turkey, coffee that uses hot sand was invented. First of all, coffee powder in a container with a handle ...

Add water.

If this container is put into hot sand, water will boil at the temperature of the sand.

The coffee started to bubble. Pour only this foamy supernatant into the cup… Repeat over and over to make a cup of coffee.

The coffee you put in this way seems to be lighter than espresso.

“When I stand near the equipment and make coffee, I feel like I'm performing with people,” says Jikiguru.

Appropriate to the word “performance,” the vessel used to provide was also very beautiful.

“I'm serious as a coffee consumer. I sometimes drink coffee three times a day, in the morning, evening, and sometimes in the afternoon,” said Jikiguru.

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