'Nekororin-after all I love dogs' for dogs appeared in glasses with paws 'Nekororin', so I loved Shiba Inu and Ducks glasses

` ` Nekoro Rin '' that appeared from glasses love eyes is a design with a punipuni paws that captures the heart of cats and is not released, popular as an epoch-making glasses that will not break even if you sleep and put it underlay is. From this Nekorin Rin, “ Nekorinrin-I like dogs after all ” for the dog school will appear from Friday, November 22, 2019. Since I was able to borrow the real thing ahead of my feet, I actually tried using glasses with the motifs of four dogs: Pomeranian, Shiba Inu, Ducks, and Toy Poodle.

I love glasses

This is the new “Sequel Nekorin-I like dogs after all”. There are four types of dogs, Shiba Inu, Toy Poodle, Pomeranian, and Ducks.

I will look at each individual glasses. First from Shiba Inu.

Viewed from the front. The front frame is matte brown.

The nose height is said to emphasize hold. The nose pad is not an independent type, but a type that is integrated with the frame.

The ear hook is in two colors, matte off-white.

The hinge part is slightly thicker and secures strength.

The inside of the frame is made of light brown rubber material, making it difficult to slip.

A meat ball at the tip of the ear hook.

Of the dog's paws, the “Ryukyu”, which corresponds to the finger of humans, is easy to draw as three in illustrations, but there are actually four. There are four Nekorin meat paws, which are made faithfully to real dogs.

You can see how this meat ball is bulging from the side.

The meatballs are not hard materials like plastic, but they are made of punipuni and elastic materials reminiscent of real meatballs.

From the other side, it looks like a dog's feet, but it is a subtle nuance that you can't understand unless you look carefully.

Near the hinge on the left-hand ear, the word “Neko-Rin” is displayed.

And on the right side was a dog breed.

Weight is actually 26g. When we weighed the glasses we borrowed from the editorial staff with a high rate of glasses, it was 15-35g, so it could be said that Nekororin is a medium weight.

The color of the paws is gray for all four breeds, but the color scheme of the frame and the rubber material inside the frame is an image of each breed.

So I will look at other breeds. The following is a toy poodle. The frame is matte brown.

Unlike the Shiba Inu, which used two colors, the Toy Poodle has a mat blanc color.

The inner rubber part is white.

Gray paws at the tip of the ear hook. The meatball is the same gray as the Shiba Inu, but the frame and rubber material are different, so the atmosphere looks a little different.

The following is Pomeranian. Slightly bright and casual atmosphere.

It looks like this from the side.

The inner rubber material is beige.

The meatball part looks like the following.

The last is Ducks. The whole atmosphere is a matte black frame.

It looks like this from the side.

The inner rubber part is dark brown.

The Nekororin series is characterized by the fact that it uses a new material with high resilience and elasticity, called a thermoplastic elastomer , for the frame, making it difficult to break even when impacted, while leaving the adorable appearance. How long can you withstand the impact? That can be confirmed from the following movie.

I tried bending 'Nekorin-I like dogs after all' to Gagnaguna-YouTube

Even if the ear hook part is bent 180 degrees, it will not be broken and will immediately be restored to its original straight shape.

Go to the other side.

There is no problem even if the nose is bent near the lens.

However, be aware that if the lens is bent back and forth, the lens may pop out without breaking.

Is it really hard to break? So I asked the editorial staff to sit on the glasses.

At first it was an editorial staff who sat down scaredly 'Is it okay ...', but even if you step on it boldly, there is no appearance of glasses glaring at all.

Due to its high resilience, the twisted frame was restored as soon as it was removed from under the buttocks.

The meatballs are the same as the “Nekorin” version of the cat version, so I tried to compare the differences. On the left is the new “Nekororin-I love dogs”, and on the right is the 2018 Nekororin. First of all, the shape of the glasses frame is different, and the dog version has a form close to a square compared to the rounded cat version.

The dog version is all matte, but the cat version has two types: matte and glossy.

Another point is that the color of the paws is different. The dog version has a gray paws and the cat version has pink.

Actually wearing glasses looks like this.

Viewed from the side.

The meatballs are completely hidden, so they are just normal glasses when viewed from the outside. Because you don't choose a situation, you can burn dog love everywhere, anytime and anywhere, and if you want to heal, you can get peace of mind by loving Puni Puni's paws.

Along with the sale of “Continue Nekorin-I like dogs after all”, there will also be a dog motif glasses stand at the eyeglass store. The following photo shows Toy Poodle, Shiba Inu and Ducks from the front.

This glasses stand can put glasses in the mouth of each dog. The soft material will not hurt your glasses.

When you put Nekororin, all of them have spectacles that protrude from their mouths.

It looks like this from the side. It looks as if the dog is holding out glasses.

It is adorable even if the dog is wearing glasses.

“Continue Nekororin-I like dogs after all” is a set with a lens of 9800 yen excluding tax, and the glasses stand is 1200 yen excluding tax.

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