An eerie 'song' made from the interference between the solar flare and the earth's magnetic field is released

by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

A “song” created based on the “magnetic wave” generated when the solar wind, which is a plasma generated by solar flares , collides with the earth's magnetic field.

ESA-Earth's magnetic song recorded for the first time during a solar storm

Listen to the Wild Sounds of a Solar Storm Hitting Earth-VICE

Solar flare is an explosion that occurs on the surface of the sun where charged particles erupt. The charged particles emitted by the solar flare reach the earth and collide with the earth's magnetic field. This collision disrupts the Earth's magnetic field and generates a “magnetic wave”.

This time, the data that converted “magnetic waves” into audible signals was released, and the artificial satellite “ Cluster ” was investigated by the European Space Agency (ESA) to investigate the interaction between the earth's magnetic environment and the solar wind in a three-dimensional manner. 'Is created based on data collected for about 20 years.

There are two types of melodies generated from the disturbance of the magnetic field, which can be called “songs” that the earth's magnetic field sings. The following is a conversion of a solar storm, which is a phenomenon of very large solar flare, into a song. ESA describes it as 'a spooky song reminiscent of the sound effects of a science fiction movie rather than a natural phenomenon.'

Earth's magnetic song during a solar storm-YouTube

Below is a “song” when the sun flare is calm. Compared to the solar storm song, the pitch of the sound is lower and the tone is monotonous. When a solar storm occurs, the frequency of magnetic waves generated when charged particles collide with the earth's magnetic field doubles, reflecting the fact that magnetic waves interfere with each other and become complicated That's it.

Earth's magnetic song during calm space weather conditions-YouTube

There are also graphs showing that the magnetic waves at the peak of the solar storm become more complex over time.
Simulation of Earth's foreshock during calm space weather conditions-YouTube

“The electromagnetic waves generated by solar storms are much more complex than previously thought,” said Lucille Turk of the University of Helsinki, who led the research team that created the song. ESA argues that research on space weather such as solar storms will be important in the future, citing that solar storms affect the earth and electronics.

Most charged particles produced by solar flares are blocked by the earth's magnetic field and do not collide with the earth. However, powerful charged particles may penetrate the magnetic field, and one example is an aurora that is thought to be generated when charged particles that penetrate the magnetic field excite oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the atmosphere.

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There have been cases where electromagnetic waves from solar storms have affected the ground, and in the past, mines floating in the sea have been accidentally blown down.

It turns out from the declassification document that `` mine '' installed in the Vietnam War era under the influence of solar flare was misexploding-GIGAZINE

By Commander, US Naval Forces Europe-Africa / US 6th Fleet

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