It turns out that there are two types of Pokemon of different colors appearing in 'Pocket Monster Sword Shield', but the probability of appearance is 0.0015%

In the 'Pokemon' series, with a very low probability, 'having a color different from the usually

different colors Pokemon' might be appearing in the game. It turns out that there are two types of such Pokemon of different colors in Pokemon Sword Shield that appeared on November 15, 2019. More unusual color-different Pokémon will only appear with a probability of 0.0015%.

How to find square Shinies in Pokémon Sword and Shield-Polygon

In the Pokemon series, there are Pokemon called “different colors” whose abilities are almost the same but whose body color is different from normal. Pokemon of different colors is very unlikely to appear, and the previous Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu Eevee is said to be around 0.024-0.36%. Also, when a different color Pokemon appears on the battle screen, a sparkling effect is added.

In the following movie, you can see the star-shaped light effect appearing on the different-colored sarnori hatched from the egg.

The star-shaped effect looks like this.

At the time of writing, even the latest Pokemon Sword Shield seems to have a very low probability of appearance of different color Pokemon, and the popular distributor who tried to get the different color wool was not caught even after 15 hours.

A popular distributor who challenged a bet to pay 500,000 yen if he could not get a different color Pokemon with `` Pocket Monster Sword Shield ''

In the conventional series, there was only one kind of such Pokemon of different colors for one type of Pokemon, but it was found that there are two kinds of Pokemon Sword Shield due to the light effect at the time of appearance.

Kurt, who mainly hacks the Pokemon series, discovered the new Pokemon of different colors. When analyzing the code of Pokemon Sword Shield, it was found that there was a different color Pokemon wearing a square light effect instead of a star light effect. The appearance probability of the different color Pokemon itself was about 0.024% as in the previous work, but 15/16 of them wear a star-shaped light effect, while the remaining 1/16 is 'brightness at the time of appearance Turned out to be 'different color Pokemon'. In addition, this is a number of approximately 0.0015% in terms of probability.

The following movie is where different color woolen appears in the battle wearing a square light effect.

The effect of the light that appears around the black different color wool is square, not a star.

In the following movie, you can see a square light effect appearing around a slightly reddish different color one patch .

In addition, according to Kurt, if the personal trainer ID set for each player matches the personality value of a Pokemon that cannot be seen in normal play, a different color Pokemon with a square effect will appear.

Furthermore, the odds ratio between the different color Pokemon of the star effect and the different color Pokemon of the square effect is 15: 1 when encountering with grass and hatching from eggs, but continuously encountering the same Pokemon In that case, the probability of appearance is reversed, and the probability of getting a different color Pokemon for the square effect is much higher.

There are many “different color collectors” that collect all types of different color Pokemon, but if there are two more different types of color, the collection target of the different color collectors will double. However, Mr. aDrive, who distributes collection of different color Pokemon on YouTube, commented on Polygon of game media `` It is important to me that it is different color Pokemon, how to shine does not matter '', Some players are already in praise mode.

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