Haagen-Dazs' once-a-year blissful ice cream `` Specialite Noisette Chocolat '' appeared, I tried a four-layer structure of hazelnuts and chocolate

Haagen-Dazs has a special ice cream “Specialite” series that uses a carefully selected material that appears only once in winter every year and makes use of its layer structure. In 2019, `` Nowaset Chocolat '', the main role of

hazelnuts, has appeared for a limited time from Tuesday, November 12, and what kind of harmony between `` Noisette '' ice cream and `` Chocolate ice cream '' that represent `` Hazelnut '' in French I actually ate it to see if I was born.

“Spécialité“ Noisette Chocolat ”November 12, 2019 | Haagen-Dazs Japan

Here is Haagen-Dazs “Spécialité“ Noisette Chocolat ””

The package had hazelnut illustrations and “Noisette Chocolat” image illustrations.

The area around the lid is beautifully

cut with a faceted cut , which is a gem cutting method.

Click here for raw materials. The name of the raw material is cream, non-fat concentrated milk, followed by “caramel sauce”. The raw materials are arranged in descending order of the weight used, so you can see that caramel sauce is used abundantly. The “hazelnut paste” uses

hazelnuts harvested in the Giresund region, which is considered the highest quality in the world's highest production of hazelnuts.

Calories are 302kcal per 103ml.

I opened the lid. The top is covered with caramel sauce covered with silver dust.

If you scoop the ice, you can see from the top that it has a layered structure with caramel sauce, hazelnut ice cream, fiantine, chocolate ice cream.

When you eat a bite, the rich sweetness of caramel sauce first spreads in your mouth. The slightly sweet hazelnut sweetness and the chocolate bitterness match perfectly, resulting in a refined finish. The richness of the caramel sauce makes the ice cold feel mild but does not interfere with the flavor itself, so you can feel the taste of the ice. A layer of fiantine baked and crushed crepe is sandwiched between thick ice, and the crispy texture is a good accent.

When the ice melts away, the smell of orange liquor slightly refreshes in the mouth, and the impression of taste changes from one to the next, so you get tired of 'Where do you want to taste the next bite?' I was able to eat without it.

The Haagen-Dazs 'Spécialité (Noisette Chocolat)', sold only in winter, is now available at convenience stores nationwide for 450 yen (tax excluded).

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