Exercise is not suitable for `` losing weight '', 5 benefits that exercise brings to health


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In modern society, “obesity is evil”, it is said to cause various diseases. Exercising is of course important for losing weight, but `` exercising is never directly linked to losing weight, '' commented Evelyn Parr, who studies kinematics and nutrition at the Australian Catholic University doing.

If weight loss is your only goal for exercise, it's time to rethink your priorities

In general, it is thought that 'fat people are unhealthy due to lack of exercise', but Par points out that 'losing weight' is not necessarily 'healthy' and not equal The In a study published in 2011, it was reported that `` when you get older, it turns out that those who are thin have a greater health risk than those who are fat ''

Excess calories must be consumed to lose weight, and exercise is the easiest way to consume calories. However, it has been pointed out for a long time that exercise is not the best way to lose weight.

What is the reason that exercise is good for your health but not the best way to diet? -GIGAZINE

In a study published in June 2019, it has been reported that exercise increases appetite, resulting in an increase in calorie intake and no effective weight loss. The study concludes that 'excessive obesity can be treated with diet and medication.'

Par said “Exercise has various health benefits besides losing weight,” and cited the following five points.

◆ 1: Improvement of cardiopulmonary function
Cardiopulmonary function is related to how far you can run without stopping or how much you can climb the stairs without taking your breath. By running for a long time and using stairs as much as possible, he can expect an absolute improvement in cardiopulmonary function, Par said. If you are overweight and the burden on your joints is jeopardized, it is recommended that you do exercise that does not impose weight, such as swimming or cycling in the pool. “Weight training is important for maintaining motility, joint function and muscle mass,” Par said.

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◆ 2: Improvement of mental health
According to a survey published in 2018, exercise improves mental health, reduces stress, and alleviates depression. It is thought that exercise increases blood flow to the brain and increases endorphin release.

◆ 3: Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
Exercise is said to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Regular exercise also helps lower blood pressure, improving the circulation of blood and lymph throughout the body. In addition, a study has been published that 'Running around 50 minutes a week reduces the risk of death from heart disease and cancer.'

Just running more than 50 minutes a week will reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer-gigazine

◆ 4: Burning of visceral fat
Because fat stored as an energy source costs more to use as an energy source than glucose, it is difficult to burn fat through exercise, Par said. However, by exercising regularly, the body's ability to burn using fat as an energy source will increase, and it will consume more energy at rest. Par does not claim that the more you exercise, the more fat is burned, but exercise increases the rate of fat metabolism and makes visceral fat easier to burn.

◆ 5: Prevent weight gain
While exercise is not very effective for the purpose of losing weight, Par points out that it is a good way to “prevent weight gain”. A study published in 2017 found that 'in order to maintain weight over a long period of time, a significant and sustained increase in exercise is required.' However, Par said, `` If you lose weight with a diet, you may need more exercise because it causes a physiological impulse to return to the original weight, '' exercise prevents weight gain He says that is difficult.

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