The Prime Minister of Sweden kicks off the Chinese government's threat of 'don't give a free speech to a detained writer'

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A Swedish cultural organization awarded an award for freedom of speech to Gui Min Hai , a writer detained in China. The Embassy of Sweden in Sweden protested the award as a “serious mistake,” but the Swedish prime minister replied, “We are not going to succumb to this kind of threat.”

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Mr. Katsumi Minkai is a Swedish writer born in China. In addition to writing about 200 books on Chinese politicians and politicians in 10 years, Katsumi Minkai manages a bookstore called Causeway Bay Books, which sells books banned in China in Hong Kong. was doing.

In 2015, an incident occurred in which five people from Tonghai Bookstore, including Mr. Katsumi Minami, suffered a mysterious disappearance in China and Hong Kong, and those who disappeared eight months later were detained by Chinese authorities. It turned out that In response to this incident, a huge ripple spread in Hong Kong, including protests against unfair restraints by Chinese authorities.

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Mr. Katsumi Minami was released on October 17, 2017, but was re-encumbered on January 19, 2018. As of November 2019, the Chinese authorities are still in custody.

In November 2019, the Swedish pen of the International Pen Club awarded the Tuholsky Prize for free speech. The Tuholsky Prize is named after the Jewish writer Kurt Tuholsky , who fled from Nazi Germany to Sweden, and is for authors who have been persecuted or forced to exile.

In response to the award being awarded to Mr. Katsumi Minkai, the Embassy of China in Sweden stated that it was a “serious mistake”, and “Kenmin Hai was known to have been misrepresented. Sweden Pen Club The political agenda and hostility and prejudice against China decided to give the award to the Katsura Minkai. Will be asked to withdraw the award. '

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The Swedish pen club held an award ceremony despite the backlash from China. While the award ceremony was attended by Minister of Culture and Democracy Amanda Lindo, “vacant seats” were prepared for Mr. Gui Minhai, who was detained in China. Mr. Lindo gave a speech at the award ceremony, stating, “Mr. Katsumi Minkai should be released. In Sweden, freedom of expression is applied to his actions.”

Regarding the conflict with China, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Robane replied, 'We are not going to succumb to this kind of threat. There is freedom of expression in Sweden.' Chinese Ambassador Katsura from Katsura from Sweden said in an interview with a Swedish radio station: “Swedish government representatives are strongly against participating in such events. '

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